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WanMask Browser Extension

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If you're a user seeking support, Email Support. During alpha and beta testing you might not get a response quickly! MetaMask provides a lot of good information on usage as well.


WanMask is a fork of MetaMask specifically for Wanchain. Just like MetaMask it inserts a web3 object on your webpages that pages can interact with.


  • Install Node.js version 8.11.3 and npm version 6.4.0
    • If you are using nvm (recommended) running nvm use will automatically choose the right node version for you.
    • Select npm 6.4.0: npm install -g npm@6.4.0

Running Tests

Requires mocha installed. Run npm install -g mocha.

Then just run npm test.

You can also test with a continuously watching process, via npm run watch.

You can run the linter by itself with gulp lint.


npm install
npm start

Uncompressed builds can be found in /dist

Build for Publishing

npm run dist

compressed builds can be found in /builds once they're built.