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Download the C4J-Doclet

Note: Required JDK Version 1.6

Generate JavaDoc within Eclipse

  • Go to Project -> Generate Javadoc. A Javadoc generation wizard is shown.
  • Set up the path to the javadoc.exe (e.g. [path to your jdk]\bin\javadox.exe)
  • Select the project(s) for which Javadoc will be generated
  • Select the option "Use custom doclet"
    • Fill in the C4J-Doclet name: de.vksi.c4j.doclet.C4JDoclet
    • Set up the path to the c4j-doclet-6.0.0.jar
  • Click on "Next"
    • Set up the destination directory where javadoc saves the generated HTML files
      • Enter -d [your destination] into the text field "Extra Javadoc options"
  • Click on "Finish" to generate the Javadoc generation

For more detailed information about the Javadoc-Tool and the use of doclets, please refere to: