The WebSocket part of CAH Creator. Coordinates live editing sessions.
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The WebSocket part of CAH Creator. Allows for live updates and collaboration.


Everything here works based on sessions. Here's how it works:

  1. User connects
  2. User either sends auth token or session ID/token pair.
    • If auth token:
      1. Session server contacts to verify auth token
    • If session ID/token:
      1. Session server verifies locally if session with ID exists and that it has the matching token.
  3. Once authenticated:
    • If auth token:
      1. Session server contacts again, this time verifying if the user has access to the deck.
      2. If has_access is true (or user is admin), create a session and send the deck information to the user.
    • If session ID/token:
      1. Send deck information over to user (authentication is implied).
      2. Add them to session.
  4. On disconnect:
    • If user is session creator:
      1. Send session:end message to all users in session.
      2. Nullify session.
      3. Clean up.
    • If user is not session creator:
      1. Remove user from session.
      2. Do nothing.