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BGPStream Change Log


  • Released 2019-04-04

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where BGPStream would crash when parsing MRT records that are larger than 64k (#79)


  • Released 2019-02-13

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed pybgpstream element parsing failure for updates with very large AS path fields (#82)


  • Released 2018-07-30

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed IPv6 address parsing failure caused by getaddrinfo (#34)


Major Features

  • Added filtering language and parser

Minor Features

  • No longer require time interval to be set (default to process all available data)
  • Improved processing performance by avoid round-robin processing among files
  • Improved code style consistency
  • Add example script showing to use BGPStream with Spark
  • Add an accessor for retrieving origin ASN value
  • Improved documentations

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed assertion failure problem (#62)
  • Improved bgpdump resiliency when it encounters unusual data
  • Fixed broken PyBGPStream includes
  • Fixed segfaults on 32bit machines caused by the usage of 64bit wandio off_t
  • Removed possible memory leak on pybgpstream
  • Fixed segfault in BGPStream.get_data_interfaces
  • Fixed compiler warnings when building with Python2
  • Fixed bugs in patricia tree data structure


  • Released 2016-01-28

Major Features

  • Added native support for communities.
  • Added proof-of-concept filters for peers, prefixes and communities.

Minor Features

  • Added various utility functions and data structures, including a patricia tree.
  • Improved testing of various features (make check)
  • Added AS monitor plugin to BGPCorsaro

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed segmentation fault when dump file could not be opened.
  • Made the broker datasource more resilient to temporary network failures (i.e. retry failed downloads)
  • Fixed warning issued by GCC 4.8.4 on Ubuntu 14.04
  • Fixed warning issued when building PyBGPStream on Ubuntu
  • Fixed incorrect return code in bgpstream_start


  • Released 2015-10-26
  • Initial public release