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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from django.db import models
#from django.forms import ModelForm
from models import *
from foros.models import *
from django import forms
from ckeditor.widgets import CKEditorWidget
from tagging.forms import TagField
from tagging_autocomplete.widgets import TagAutocomplete
class NotasForms(forms.ModelForm):
contenido = forms.CharField(widget=CKEditorWidget())
titulo = forms.CharField(widget=forms.TextInput(attrs={'class':'span7','rel':"tooltip", 'title':"Tratar de redactar títulos resumidos"}))
class Meta:
model = Notas
exclude = ('slug','fecha','user',)
class FotoForm(forms.ModelForm):
tags_img = TagField(widget=TagAutocomplete(), required=False, label="Tags")
class Meta:
model = Imagen
exclude = ('content_type', 'object_id', 'content_object',)
class AdjuntoForm(forms.ModelForm):
class Meta:
model = Documentos
exclude = ('content_type', 'object_id', 'content_object',)
class ComentarioForm(forms.ModelForm):
class Meta:
model = ComentarioNotas
exclude = ('nota', 'fecha', 'user')
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