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CAS has specialized in integrating IT systems used for organization management for over 40 years. We offer services including planning, designing, implementation, and development of specialized software as well as its maintenance. We provide consulting services in developing concepts, strategies, and analyses of IT systems development within an enterprise. Our experience shows that having a coherent vision unique solutions can be implemented in stages, without any threat of entry into a blind end. Based on experience gained during the implementation of a wide variety of projects we prepare documentation that constitutes specific pre-implementation studies regarding the development and deployment of IT systems. We wish the customer to identify our brand with high-quality products and services that improve operational efficiency and competitiveness. We are aware that a well-matched team provides the foundation for company success. Our experienced, highly educated, and motivated employees can contribute to the achievement of mutual success.


CAS was founded to consolidate a group of specialists in automation, software, and IT technologies and enable their active participation in the implementation of innovative projects for the industry. Our mission is to provide communication software solutions and integration services for real-time distributed systems.

We have more than 40 years of experience in developing real-time software for many industries: aviation, heat engineering, power industry, and mining. Numerous very challenging projects have been accomplished by CAS yielding ready-to-use solutions and software packages for various applications, e.g. a flight inspection system for ground radio navigation aids, distributed control systems of municipal (district) heating networks, a distributed system for pollution emission monitoring for power plants, a telemetric system designed for remote monitoring and control of an unmanned pumping station for a power plant group, a computer-aided control system for brown coal mines, computer IT and process control systems integration for common visualization and management (SCADA, DSC, and GIS (ERP)) of industrial networks.

CommServer™ software is used for integration and development of distributed systems and it offers:

  • OPC international communication standard,
  • Unique communication technologies minimizing bandwidth utilization and providing redundancy,
  • Process data transmission using any communication media, including GPRS, radio, satellite, copper and fiber-optic cables, etc.
  • Possibility of process testing/simulating and easy changing from the laboratory environment to the production environment,
  • Process data random recording to relational databases.

Thanks to the CommServer™ platform, various control systems have been integrated, including power-switching stations, pumping stations, group heat distribution centers, heating chambers, steam generator plants, heat, and power plants and many other smaller projects. The platform communication engine has been designed using the OPC standard, so the solutions are open and certificates issued by the OPC Foundation confirm the openness claimed.

Communication technologies offered by CommServer™ allow for the implementation of safe solutions and considerable reduction of investment and operating costs connected with process data transmission. The possibility of process simulation significantly reduces the implementation costs because testing of the proposed solution on "a living organism" is avoided and most errors are found at the application development stage. The process simulation is invaluable also at the training stage as it provides safe training of operator behaviors also in emergencies.

Integration with GIS, ERP, etc. and continuous saving in databases open new possibilities of production optimization thanks to the synergy effect resulting from combining process and business data in a consistent, real and current image of the enterprise concerned.

Extensive cooperation with scientific institutions, among others: Łódź Technical University, Innovation Center and High-Technology Accelerator of the University of Łódź, IC2 Institute of the University of Texas at Austin, enables us to accomplish unique solutions for the industry. A consolidated group of top-class specialists in different areas actively participates in the development of novel solutions to industrial production optimization.

CAS cooperates and is interested in opportunities including but not limited to the following:

  • Cooperation with OEM or VAR partners who can more fully utilize CAS services and software packages (visit CommServer organization profile to get more) such as software development for real-time distributed industrial and communication applications. CAS has ready-to-use technology of embedded software development, and extensive software libraries containing more than 1 million lines of source code in high-level language developed by CAS to provide real-time distributed systems:
    • Development of certified OPC Servers and Clients for automation devices (PLCs, communication modules, data concentrators, etc.);
    • Consulting (System Development); and
    • Software Research and Development (Cooperative Development).

We encourage you to make use of consulting services already at the initial phase of any investment or modernization preparation, to work out a guiding idea, strategy, and analysis of control and telemetry systems development at heat engineering companies, from the biggest municipal heating systems located in Warsaw and Łódź to smaller ones such as e.g. Sochaczew or Łask. Previous experience shows that unique solutions can be implemented step by step thanks to a consistent concept and without any threat of entering a blind end.


CommServer software family

CommServer is a software family dedicated to manage communication between applications, which combine the smart data transfer and systems integration functionality. It is optimally suited for the industrial process control, where the managed process is distributed over a large geographical area, e.g. heat and power distribution, oil and gas distribution, water and sanitation, multi-enterprise production, city road traffic supervision, control of water level and weather conditions, etc.

The CommServer family is compliant with OPC Classic and OPC Unified Architecture.

🌈 CommServer software family - check out the code and consider to contribute

CommServer software family

Smart Factory

Smart Factory - workflow management system is a group of CAS applications that support automation of business processes, through their precise definition and control of the flow of information and synchronization of the internal and external participants’ activities.

Smart Factory applications support:

  • Group work in the field of logistics (Shepherd),
  • Customs clearing (Inward Process Relief),

🌈 Smart Factory Repository - check out the code and consider to contribute

Smart Factory Repository

Agile project management

Collaboration is a core to improve processes in any organization. It requires information sharing as well as following precisely defined procedures. Both information and behavioral models must be consistent and fulfill business requirements leading to improvements in process performance measured using Key Performance Indicators in critical areas. To be useful for daily process management these indicators must be observable. To engage adoptive information models, control workflows and use Business Intelligence to measure the process performance our applications are deployed on the Microsoft SharePoint as a human-centric foundation using Web Applications to publish and share the content.

🌈 Agile Project Management Repository - check out the code and consider to contribute

Agile Project Management Repository.

Flight Inspection System of Radio Navigation Aids (CFIS)

The CAS Flight Inspection System (CFIS) of the radio navigation aids (CFIS) is used for the airborne evaluation of the accuracy and performance of ground navigation facilities. The system provides the capability to inspect the following aids:

  • ILS - Instrument Landing System
  • MKS - ILS associated approach markers
  • VOR - VHF Omnidirectional Range
  • DME - Distance Measuring Equipment
  • NDB - Non-directional Beacon System
  • VHF - Communication and Radar Systems

It is modern, computerized system designed for the acquisition, recording, processing, analysis, display, and reporting of flight inspection data. It acquires various conditional signals from the avionics.

🌈 CFIS Repository - check out the code and consider to contribute

CFIS Repository


Our activities are based on a 30-year experience of a team of design engineers who have successfully effected numerous practical implementations including, among others:

Smart Heat Distribution Network for SPEC S.A. (Heat Power Engineering Company in Warsaw): Today it is hard to imagine effective utilization of technological processes without the use of advanced automation and IT systems. However, if they are large-scale and geographically dispersed infrastructures (railways, district heating, electricity, gas, etc.), their design and implementation face-up remarkable challenges and a real threat to the investment process. The Heat Power Engineering Company in the Capital City of Warsaw came up against such a challenge.

🌈 Warsaw Smart Heat Distribution Network - check out the the projects description to get more

Warsaw Smart Heat Distribution Network

Optimization of Warsaw heating system: CAS has completed the concept entitled: “Establishing of optimal directions, methods, technology, range, and development rate of telemetric and remote control systems for Warsaw heating system components “.

🌈 Optimization of Warsaw heating system - check out the the projects description to get more

Optimization Of Warsaw Heating System

Integration of GIS, remote control and monitoring systems in ZEC ŁÓDŹ S.A.: The purpose of the project is to integrate a GIS application (based on Smallworld engine) with industrial automation systems at the Heat & Power Generating Plants Group in Lodz (ZEC Łódź S.A.).

🌈 OptIntegration of GIS, remote control and monitoring systems - check out the the projects description to get more

Integration of GIS, remote control and monitoring systems

Remote Control of Łódź Agglomeration Heat Distribution System.: In the selected nodes of the ŁÓDŹ agglomeration heat distribution network, the system enables monitoring of working parameters and unmanned remote control of the chambers fittings to switch over the supply areas from one to another heat sources. Finally, the next 200 nodes are to be connected to the system.

🌈 Remote Control of Łódź Agglomeration Heat Distribution System - check out the the projects description to get more

Remote Control of Łódź Agglomeration Heat Distribution System

Telemetric System of Intermediate Pumping Stations Control: designed for remote monitoring and controlling of unmanned intermediate pumping stations working on main lines in Łódź heating network, from central dispatching room. The intermediate pumping stations are located in the range of 4-6 km from the central dispatching room. Communication is provided by data radio transmission employing radio modems operating in the 400MHz band.

🌈 Telemetric System of Intermediate Pumping Stations Control - check out the the projects description to get more

Remote Control of Łódź Agglomeration Heat Distribution System

Pollution Emission Monitoring and Accounting System for Thermoelectric Power Plants Group in Łódź: a modern, integrated solution that enables monitoring and accounting for pollutions and dust emitted in course of industrial processing.

🌈 Pollution Emission Monitoring and Accounting System - check out the the projects description to get more

Pollution Emission Monitoring and Accounting System

Monitoring System for an Open Pit Control Centre in Bełchatów Brown Coal Mine: The computer function is to adequate determination and provision of comprehensive information concerning the plant operation status in a readable form to enable making an optimal decision by a dispatcher.

🌈 Monitoring System for an Open Pit Control Centre in Bełchatów - check out the the projects description to get more

Monitoring System for an Open Pit Control Centre in Bełchatów

Redundant, multi-protocol, optimal OPC server in Łódź agglomeration heat distribution system: The municipal heat distribution network of Łódź (1M citizens) is supplied from three heating plants with total thermal output of 2560MW. Their optimal utilization requires a control system to allow working on common areas. As the system is distributed territorially (about 800km of pipes), safe communication between nodes (automation islands) is critical. Additionally, a great number of nodes (~7000) requires to precede the development of an appropriate system structure by a detailed analysis of the availability, throughput, and connectivity standardization. We have decided to use OPC as a communication engine coupled with VHF network. Because of the propagation limits we have to use several central base station locations. The biggest challenge is to synchronize transmission on one common frequency and provide appropriate level of redundancy and throughput.

🌈 Redundant, multi-protocol, optimal OPC server in Łódź agglomeration heat distribution system - check out the the projects description to get more

Redundant, multi-protocol, optimal OPC server in Łódź agglomeration heat distribution system

Design of Power Substations Monitoring and Control System for Bełchatów Open Pit: for the remote monitoring and control of distribution power substations of SPP or similar types. Computer System Integration for Large-Format Visualization: the Large-Format Visualization System is intended for the service of a wall display, which shows information from selected industrial networks, GIS systems, and control systems of main pumping stations.

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