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ElectronicObserverExtended is distributed in 5 flavors.



This flavor works with .Net Framework 4.0. None of the known browser implementations works there, so the bundled EOBrowser is no-op. Only users that are not able to use .Net Framework 4.5 should use this, potentially with external browsers like (old) Chrome or Firefox.

这个版本可以在 .Net Framework 4.0 下运行。所有已知的浏览器实现均无法使用,因此 EOBrowser 并不会启动。这个版本仅适合无法使用 .Net Framework 4.5 的环境。需要使用外部浏览器例如 Chrome 或 Firefox。


These 2 flavors use Cef (Chromium) as EOBrowser implementation. This is maintained upstream and should be the most feature-complete and stable one.

这两个版本使用基于 Cef (Chromium) 的 EOBrowser 实现。这个实现由上游维护,因此实现了最多的功能并且最为稳定。


These 2 flavors use the experimental EOBrowser implementation using GeckoFX (Firefox). This is still lack of many features. See known issues here.

这两个版本使用基于 GeckoFX (Firefox) 的 实验性 EOBrowser 实现。它仍然缺少相当多功能。已知问题在 这里

-full vs. non -full

For Cef and Gecko flavors, the ones without -full do not contain core browser files, while the ones with -full come with everything. When upgrading, you may try the one without -full first, which hopefully saves you some downloading time.

对于 Cef 和 Gecko 版本,不含有 -full 的版本并不包含浏览器内核文件,而含有 -full 的版本包含。升级时可以首先尝试使用不含 -full 的版本。

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