Fork of Chart.js that supports error bars on Line and Bar charts.
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Chart.js with Error Bars

*This is an fork of Chart.js which supports error bars. It can be used as a stand-alone library or as an extension of the original library.

The master branch is compatible with Chart.js 2.x.x. There are branch compatible with earlier versions, but I will not maintain them.


You can find documentation for Chart.js at Usage of the extension is noted below.

Include Error Bars

Including error bars is extremely simple. Download this version of Chart.js and include it in your site. To add error bars, include an array called error (of the same length as the data array) in each dataset.

Options included with this version of the library:

	//String - direction of the error bars. "up", "down", or "both"
	errorDir : "both",

	//Number - stroke width of the error bars
	errorStrokeWidth : 1,

	//String - color of the error bar in hex or RGBA.
	//If not specified defaults to the fill color of the bar of point.
	errorColor: "rgba(220, 220, 220, 1)"

	//Number - ratio of the width of the error bar caps to the width of the bar
	errorCapWidth : 0.75,
	//For line charts, errorCapWidth is the ratio of the width of the error bar
	//caps to the radius of the points, and the default is 2.5.


This repo is compatible with @nnnick/Chart.js v2.0, so even if you are already using Chart.js on your site, switching to my version will not harm anything.


Chart.js, and this exension, are available under the MIT license.

Bugs & issues

When reporting bugs or issues, if you could include a link to a simple jsbin or similar demonstrating the issue, that'd be really helpful.