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CAliPHR – An Open Source eCQM Calculation and Reporting Tool
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What is CAliPHR?

CQM Aligned Population Health Reporting (CAliPHR) is an open source tool that is designed to calculate eCQMs at a provider, practice, payment arrangement, and community level to support incentive and value-based payment programs.

CAliPHR can calculate eCQMs from imported clinical summary documents in the QRDA Cat I or C-CDA format.

What does this mean?

It was specifically designed to aggregate patient data from various health care settings across a community for eCQM calculations based on a complete, longitudinal view of each patient’s medical history. The ultimate goal being to produce more accurate and reliable eCQM results.

Please note: Additional technology is necessary to de-duplicate and link patient data across multiple healthcare settings.


CAliPHR achieved ONC 2014 Edition Certification for:

  • (c)(1) – Capture Export
  • (c)(2) – Import and Calculate
  • (c)(3) – Electronic Submission
  • (d)(5) – Automatic Log-off
  • (g)(4) – Quality Management System
  • 57 EP eCQMs

For more information, please visit the CHPL website and search for CAliPHR here.

Please note: The additional types of costs and limitations that a user may encounter in the course of implementing and using this Modular EHR’s capabilities, whether to meet meaningful use objectives and measures or to achieve any other use within the scope of the health IT’s certification, include:

  • If a user elects to transmit their clinical data to CAliPHR using the C-CDA instead of the QRDA Category 1 data format, the number of CQMs possible, and the accuracy of their results may be impacted.
  • Altering the CAliPHR code may result in the invalidation of ONC Certification.

More information to follow soon!


Please see the wiki page for more information and installation instructions.


For information on the CAliPHR license, please click here

General Inquiries

For questions or general inquiries, please email Audacious Inquiry at

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