getPos is a brittle function #187

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Same deal as fix #183 for #182.

CBA_fnc_getPos uses brittle code that can't handle input in array form because it deals directly with variable _this, however it's a bit more problematic to fix and retain backwards compatibility since the parameters passed can be an array of the form [x,y,z].


params ["_x", "_y", "_z"] and then check if _x is array, if so, then _x params ["_x", "_y", "_z"] as a potential solution? (didn't check if this code is viable at all)


Please unbrittle it and submit a PR :-)


Internally debating whether it's worth it 😄

Just reported for tracking purposes. If you guys think it shouldn't be then I'll go ahead and fix it

commy2 commented Nov 15, 2015

Why would someone do:
[[x,y,z]] call CBA_fnc_getPos?

I guess the description states that Marker, Object, Location, Group or Position are supported (but not Task apparently) but that doesn't really make sense to me.


^ Commy's changes do fix it, a good solution 👍

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