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@commy2 commy2 released this Mar 14, 2019 · 68 commits to release since this release

CBA v3.10.0 adds a multitude of optimizations that will speed up the loading times of missions, especially when using script heavy mods like ACE3.
The Eden Editor and Zeus Inventory menus will no longer freeze the game when opened for the first time when big content mods like CUP or RHS are used.
There is a new button to hide the base game missions from the mission browser.
A new function CBA_fnc_notify is introduced that allows scripters to show ACE style notifications. Players can change the positions of these notifications in the Layout Editor.
Non MX-SW variants of the MX can no longer use 100 round magazines. This was mistakenly changed from the base game when introducing the magazine wells (JAM).


  • ADDED: Some Japanese translations (#1088) classicarma
  • ADDED: CBA_fnc_notify (Port of ACE style hint notifications) (#1036) commy2
  • ADDED: Optional argument for default of hash created by CBA_fnc_serializeNamespace (#1044) xetra11
  • ADDED: CBA_fnc_selectRandomArray (#1049) neilzar
  • ADDED: keepAspectRatio parameter to Layout Editor (#1059) commy2
  • ADDED: P90, UMP40/45/9 & Beretta M9 magwells (#1061, #1091) 3Mydlo3 PabstMirror
  • ADDED: Button to hide stock missions in the CREATE GAME menu (#1066, #1086) commy2
  • ADDED: Event for confirming changes in Layout Editor ( #1070, #1075) commy2
  • ADDED: JAM magwells for SMAW and MAAWS launchers (#1071, #1072) Dahlgren
  • ADDED: More JAM magwells (#1076, #1078) Drofseh
  • ADDED: Script names to some functions for debugging (#1079) PabstMirror
  • CHANGED: Maps are sorted alphabetically in CREATE GAME menu (#1045, #1067) commy2
  • CHANGED: 100rnd mags no longer added to non MX SW variants (#1050, #1058) TheMasterofBlubb
  • CHANGED: Shortened some functions configs (#1068) PabstMirror
  • CHANGED: Refactored help component (#1073, #1094, #1095) commy2
  • CHANGED: Updated DIK Codes header file paths (#1090) jonpas
  • FIXED: Potential race condition breaking CBA_missionTime in multiplayer (#1047) commy2
  • FIXED: IS_ADMIN and IS_ADMIN_LOGGED not usable in strings and config (#1048, #1074) commy2
  • FIXED: cba_main component loaded after cba_jam (#1062) commy2
  • FIXED: Game crash when using cba_settings_fnc_set with out of bounds priority (#1092) commy2
  • FIXED: CBA_fnc_getMuzzles function header (#1093) Dystopian
  • OPTIMIZED: Forced unit addon activation (#1051, #1081) dedmen
  • OPTIMIZED: Addon XEH preInit and postInit cached at game start (#1052, #1055, #1056) dedmen
  • OPTIMIZED: XEH incompatible classes cached at game start (#1053, #1057) dedmen PabstMirror
  • OPTIMIZED: FlexiMenu functions cached at game start (#1054, #1064, #1083, #1087) dedmen
  • OPTIMIZED: Removed unused local variable from CBA_fnc_isTurnedOut (#1014, #1060) commy2
  • OPTIMIZED: Removed BI function headers from release build (#1065) PabstMirror
  • OPTIMIZED: Skip checking turret path if not in vehicle (#1080) PabstMirror
  • OPTIMIZED: Eden and Zeus item lists are preloaded and optimized (#1084) commy2


  • Invisible Targets are visible on the map and have nametags when those settings are enabled in the difficulty options.
  • Invisible Targets are not engaged by AI when they're placed inside another object's geometry. They have to be placed on an object's surface.

Change log for CBA v3.10.0

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