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@commy2 commy2 released this Jul 10, 2019 · 96 commits to release since this release

This updates resolves HTML encoding in displayed mission names in multiplayer (%20 -> space etc.) and expands the mission date range in the editor from year 1900 to 2050. It also includes various other bug fixes and small improvements.


  • ADDED: URL encoding in displayed mission names replaced with characters (#1150, #1166) commy2
  • ADDED: CBA_fnc_randomVector3D (#1151, #1164) commy2
  • ADDED: Extended editor attribute and date module range from year 1900 to 2050 (#1155) Drofseh
  • ADDED: Support for cartridge ejection effect on weapon repeat (#1158) commy2
  • ADDED: Warnings in RPT for misconfigured item masses in the disposable framework (#1161) commy2
  • ADDED: Scripted optics texture rotation effect depending on weapon bank (#1162) commy2
  • ADDED: 'Lifetime' setting for notifications (CBA_fnc_notify) (#1146, #1175) Dubjunk jonpas
  • ADDED: Optional argument 'Skippable' to CBA_fnc_notify (#1175) jonpas
  • ADDED: hideMagnification parameter for scripted optics (#1176) commy2
  • ADDED: disableTilt parameter for scripted optics (#1176) commy2
  • ADDED: CBA_fnc_progressBar reports failure code (#1177) McDiod
  • CHANGED: Accessory functions use CBA_fnc_notify (#1167) jonpas
  • CHANGED: Removed high capacity CBA magwells from MK20 (#1152) Drofseh
  • CHANGED: Updated configs for scripted optics radial blur effects (#1163, #1165) commy2
  • OPTIMIZED: Implement base game matrix scripting commands (#1173) oOKexOo
  • FIXED: Name and description for 7.62x51 mm 150 round belt box (#1147, #1148) LuizBarros99 veteran29
  • FIXED: Flashlight effect after attachment switch not updated (#1154) tbeswick96
  • FIXED: Unloaded magazines not reported by CBA_fnc_uniqueUnitItems (#1156, #1157) zharf commy2
  • FIXED: Scripted optics textures disappear in pause menu in multiplayer (#1160) commy2
  • FIXED: CBA_fnc_removeItemCargo removes all containers instead of specified quantity (#1153, #1168) jonpas
  • FIXED: PIP camera not updated when changing optics while in optics view (#1176) commy2


  • When switching to or from PIP Mode of a weapon with integrated optic, the gunlight of the pointer attachment of the weapon is turned off once.

Change log for CBA v3.12.0

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