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@commy2 commy2 released this Dec 29, 2018 · 130 commits to release since this release

CBA v3.9.1 adds Turkish translations and updates Joint Rails and Joint Ammo Magazines for the Arma patch v1.86. Invisible Targets for the AI are added to the editor. The update also contains minor bug fixes and code improvements.


  • ADDED: Complete Turkish translations (#1006) 654wak654
  • ADDED: More JAM magwells (#1007, #1009, #1010, #1019, #1020, #1029) robalo Drofseh xrufix Kllrt
  • ADDED: AK, SVD and AK+SVD side rails for JR (#1017) robalo
  • ADDED: Updated JR for Arma v1.86 (#1023) robalo
  • ADDED: Invisible Targets to editor (#1011, #1012) Tinter
  • ADDED: PREP() macro documentation (#1021, #1022) Bummeri commy2
  • CHANGED: Automatically translate sub-categories in settings menu (#1003) mharis001
  • CHANGED: Increased pool of available PerFrameHandler ids (#1018) commy2
  • CHANGED: CBA_fnc_findMax reports last index in case of duplicates instead of first (#1025) commy2
  • CHANGED: Duplicates are deleted from Extended Debug Console history (#1031) Dystopian
  • FIXED: visionMode player event broken while operating UAV's (#1004, #1005) Tommo-S commy2
  • FIXED: A duplicate stringtable entry for JAM (#1008) Katalam
  • FIXED: AI mounts locked static weapons when given taskDefend (#1013, #1016) Neciota Cuel
  • FIXED: UI bug when confirming changes in the settings menu (#1027, #1028) taro8 commy2
  • FIXED: CBA_fnc_getConfigEntry doesn't recognize NUMBER type expressions (#1039) commy2
  • FIXED: Joint Ammo Magzines component missing pboprefix (#1040) PabstMirror
  • FIXED: CBA_fnc_compatibleMagazines falsely reporting inherited magazines (#1042) commy2


  • Invisible Targets are visible on the map and have nametags when those settings are enabled in the difficulty options.
  • Invisible Targets are not engaged by AI when they're placed inside another object's geometry. They have to be placed on an object's surface.

Change log for CBA v3.9.1

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