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Geneious information and tutorial

Geneious is a software package which allows you to run many common bioinformatic workflows in one place. It will support analysis within the constraints of the computer it is locally run on. Users can download it to their personal computers and enjoy the following features and more:

  • De novo mapping, reference mapping of your sequencing data.

  • Visualization of the data and analysis

  • Sequence and chromatin analysis

  • Alignment and tree building

  • Searching using NCBI, Genbank data bases

University of Connecticut Licenses

  • Floating License:
    • Allows for unlimited installs and 10 "seats" (10 users may simultaneously run Geneious Prime unrestricted)

How to Obtain Access and Download Geneious

  1. Request an account here by selecting "CAM Account Request (Geneious, IPA)"

  2. Once the request has been approved, connect to the UCHC VPN using Pulse Secure:

    UConn Health CAM VPN Tutorial

  3. Use the following URL to download the 2022.0.1 version for your computer:

  4. Select "Return to Home Page" and select the "Download the Geneious Server bundled plugin file" link on the home page to download the correct plugins.

Installation and Log In

  1. Double-click to open the Geneious Prime installation file and follow the prompts to accept license agreement and download

  2. Leave the defaults for the Select Destination Directory window, Select Start Menu Folder window, and Select File Associations window, clicking "Next >" after each one

  3. Click "Finish" to complete installation

  4. Open the Geneious Prime application and click "Activate a License" on the pop-up message

  5. Enter next to Server and leave the port as default, Enter your email address and click "OK"

  6. You will get a notification that the license has been obtained from the FLEXnet server

  7. Install plugins by double clicking the GeneiousServerbundle.gplugin file

  8. Exit out of Geneious once installation is complete, Re-open to begin analyzing data