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fixed some potential bugs with the ant buildfile

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1 parent dc35f0d commit 8e404daa6ec8bdd036a39677e7341f5a1c2121b4 @bgw bgw committed Jan 17, 2011
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@@ -3,24 +3,30 @@
Initializes, compiles (runs dist), or cleans all subscripts
- <property name="install-antfile" location="installer/build.xml"/>
- <property name="libraries-antfile" location="cbc/CBCJVM/build.xml"/>
+ <property name="install-antfile" location="installer/"/>
+ <property name="libraries-antfile" location="cbc/CBCJVM/"/>
<!-- Note how there is no dependency chain. This is intentional,
each subscript will handle it's own dependencies -->
<target name="init" description="initialize all subscripts">
- <ant antfile="${libraries-antfile}" target="init" inheritAll="false"/>
- <ant antfile="${install-antfile}" target="init" inheritAll="false"/>
+ <ant antfile="build.xml" dir="${libraries-antfile}" target="init"
+ inheritAll="false"/>
+ <ant antfile="build.xml" dir="${install-antfile}" target="init"
+ inheritAll="false"/>
<target name="dist" description="compile (run dist on) all subscripts">
- <ant antfile="${libraries-antfile}" target="dist" inheritAll="false"/>
- <ant antfile="${install-antfile}" target="dist" inheritAll="false"/>
+ <ant antfile="build.xml" dir="${libraries-antfile}" target="dist"
+ inheritAll="false"/>
+ <ant antfile="build.xml" dir="${install-antfile}" target="dist"
+ inheritAll="false"/>
<target name="clean" description="clean all subscripts">
- <ant antfile="${libraries-antfile}" target="clean" inheritAll="false"/>
- <ant antfile="${install-antfile}" target="clean" inheritAll="false"/>
+ <ant antfile="build.xml" dir="${libraries-antfile}" target="clean"
+ inheritAll="false"/>
+ <ant antfile="build.xml" dir="${install-antfile}" target="clean"
+ inheritAll="false"/>

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