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Logo Welcome to CBCJVM! (formerly known as CBCJava)

CBCJVM is a project to port the Java Virtual Machine to the Chumby Botball Controller (Version 2), a modified Chumby device for use with robotics.

The project is mainly managed by two people: Catron (Braden McDorman, actually a robot that doesn’t eat or sleep- It’s true, he commits stuff at 5 in the morning) and PiPeep (Benjamin Woodruff).

There are four main goals of the project:

  1. To provide a direct port of the JVM through JamVM (already done)
  2. To provide a direct port of the Kiss-C libraries to Java through JNI (already done)
  3. To provide a set of well documented high-level OOP libraries for movement, cameras, event-based things (like sensor input), and various other higher level libraries.
  4. To provide a set of tools surrounding this framework.

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