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@bgw bgw Removed old online documentation link f6a1189
@bmcdorman bmcdorman Updated Coding Standards (textile) 36bc359
@bgw bgw Fixed some numbering I broke on my last edit 4e4f8a9
@bgw bgw updated for the latest version of CBCJVM, using the rolling-release model and ant for compilation babb12c
@bgw bgw Linked to GCER paper 0cae959
@johnduhart johnduhart Updated Teams Using CBCJVM (rest) 35caed4
@bgw bgw I have nothing more to say. Updated Teams Using CBCJVM (rest) 7965670
@bmcdorman bmcdorman Updated Teams Using CBCJVM (rest) b1a6205
@JeremyRand JeremyRand Updated Teams Using CBCJVM (rest) 34c55aa
@bgw bgw Converted from textile to ReST formatting Updated Teams Using CBCJVM (textile => rest) 8a3fdf8
@bmcdorman bmcdorman Updated Teams Using CBCJVM (textile) 8191f8e
@kotakotakota kotakotakota Updated Teams Using CBCJVM (textile) 69e25a6
@bmcdorman bmcdorman Updated Teams Using CBCJVM (textile) 768c6ec
@bgw bgw Removed wrong Dijkstra's algorithm explaination Updated CBCJVM Pathfinding (rest) 442e018
@bgw bgw addressed some possible ambiguity with my explaination for dijkstra's algorithm. 92a6c9a
@bgw bgw Rescaled dijkstra_board.png 7ab6795
@bgw bgw Merge branch 'master' of a563792
@bgw bgw Rescaled dijkstra_board.png db6f2f5
@bgw bgw Formatting fix for big-o notation Updated CBCJVM Pathfinding (rest) a4050cd
@bgw bgw added pathfinding proposal b4437bf
@bgw bgw Updated How CBCJVM Position Tracking Works: (rest) 71758f4
@bgw bgw Created Position Tracking (rest) cd49838
@T3hUb3rK1tten T3hUb3rK1tten Oops. Edited the catron/CBCJVM page earlier by mistake. Updated Teams Using CBCJVM (textile) 30a3e3f
@T3hUb3rK1tten T3hUb3rK1tten Changed the repo urls to CBCJVM/CBCJVM instead of catron/CBCJVM Updated Install and Setup (textile) 2ad5c13
@bgw bgw Created Examples (textile) 84b3681
@bgw bgw Fixed broken logo image url Updated Home (textile) da9bc8c
@bgw bgw Link to CBCDownloader Updated Install and Setup (textile) 58dca5d
@bgw bgw Warning about future updates to page Updated Install and Setup (textile) 601acf3
@bgw bgw Initial page Created Writing and Running Unit Tests (textile) 02185c5
@bgw bgw Added 10.7 to releases page Updated Releases (textile) 4e50ff4
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