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Path-finding with Dijkstra's Algorithm

As we develop and advance in the Botball competition, the need arises to build more and more intelligent systems. Path-finding isn't only about reducing the repetitive work on programmers, but also allowing robots to make decisions on the fly. As an alternative to techniques such as line-following, or as an aid, path-finding can take advantage of the largely static Botball board layout. This paper seeks to describe a technique and example implementation by which a perfectly optimal, non-intersecting, easily navigable path can be found. In addition, this document outlines surrounding support systems for working with such paths, and putting things into practice.


We used to use rubber in form of rubber -d pathfinding.tex, however rubber does not support biblatex, so instead, you should use latexmk, in the form of latexmk -pdf pathfinding.tex, which does the job.