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Fixed a couple minor issues in the Line class where the signs of the …

…values returned by the delta functions were opposite of what they should've been.
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bgw committed Jul 28, 2011
1 parent c549d1c commit ee1b4d2e9fde32c26a6b7dcfe172c5aa05cb1524
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@@ -45,14 +45,14 @@ def get_length(self):
doc="The distance from ``node_a`` to ``node_b``")
def get_delta_x(self):
- return self.node_a.x - self.node_b.x
+ return self.node_b.x - self.node_a.x
delta_x = property(get_delta_x,
doc="""The horizontal distance, or the change in ``x``
from ``node_a`` to ``node_b``""")
def get_delta_y(self):
- return self.node_a.y - self.node_b.y
+ return self.node_b.y - self.node_a.y
delta_y = property(get_delta_y,
doc="""The vertical distance, or the change in ``y`` from

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