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Center for Brains Minds and Machines as a Service. Test your stimulus against community algorithms. Test your algorithm against community stimuli. See what brains think.

What is it?

An open-world network for composing research results. cbaas will allow you to expose your research artifact to the internet, so that others can test it with new data, and you can have live access to it during presentations. Composable reseaarch means that if your algorithm produces data that another consumes, you can compose them end-to-end.


  • Worker: A unit of research expressed as a function. By calling your function from one of the cbaas client libraries, you make it discoverable to the cbaas website as a service. Users can send your code arguments (e.g. pictures, spike trains), and your experimental code can send back responses (e.g. classifications, spike train decodings).
  • User: A visitor to the cbaas website, or a user of cbaas browsing code in a slide deck. Users can send queries to individual worker functions. Additionally, users can write cbaas expressions that compose worker functions together in ways that the workers' authors may not have anticipated
  • Server: A cbaas server manages the flow of information between users and workers. It caches workers' responses to speed up subsequent calls with matching arguments, and handles permissions and rate-limiting.

Is it ready?

Nope! But we're working hard right now on the core features and documentation. We hope to have a working demo ready soon.


Access CBaaS services from your favorite language: MATLAB/Octave, Python, Julia, Javascript, Haskell


Server dependencies: PostgreSQL, Haskell, Snap, Servant, icu, zlib

Ubuntu 14.04

sudo apt-get install build-essential postgresql ghc libicu-dev zlib1g-dev
export PATH=$HOME/.cabal/bin:$PATH
git clone
git submodule update --init --recursive
cabal install --only-dep
cabal build

Mac with Homebrew

brew install postgresql
brew install icu4c
git clone
git submodule update --init --recursive
cabal install text-icu --extra-lib-dirs=/usr/local/opt/icu4c/lib --extra-include-dirs=/usr/local/opt/icu4c/include
cabal install --only-dep
cabal build


Ubuntu 14.04

# This script copies the server executable and static assests by scp
./ your_key_pair.pem

# Set up the sql server
ssh -i your_key_pair.pem
sudo apt-get install postgresql-client postgresql postgresql-contrib

sudo apt-get install Forking

Fork, modify, and rebrand as you like (although there's nothing here yet). CBaaS is BSD-3 licensed.