Protostar - An application for rapidly prototyping VR interfaces
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An application for rapidly prototyping VR interfaces.

Inspired by : Mike Alger

By Chris Berns & Albara Mehene


  • Fast
  • Easy to Learn
  • Web based
  • Near Instantaneous Changes

Technologies used

A-Frame - VR stack

  • A Web framework for building VR designs

React - Front end library

  • Interative UI Designs

Firebase - Authentication and realtime database

  • Sync data amount users data

This project was bootstrapped with Create React App.

Summary: This purpose of this of this project was to tackle problems users experience in Virtual Reality. Over a long period of time, users start to feel uncomfortable and experience motion sickness. One issue is user having to change the resoultion each time they move a diffrent distance. We wanted to create a way for the user to view a object by keeping the same screen resoultion but the Z distance would change depending on the users choice. This allows the user not needing worry about change the x & y coordinates only needing to worry about the z distance.