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List of projects made during DevJam 1.0

Project - (x+1) [x is the project no of last project submitted]

(Follow this Sample Project pattern while adding projects)

Team Name - "Your Team Name"

Project Name - "Your Project Name"

Project Description - "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Integer nec odio. Praesent libero. Sed cursus ante dapibus diam. Sed nisi. Nulla quis sem at nibh elementum imperdiet. Duis sagittis ipsum. Praesent mauris."

Github URL - "Url to github repository"

Project - 1

Team Name - iOSDev

Project Name - IoT-Home-Automation

Project Description - An IoT project helps to automate home so that you can control your appliance with your iPhone with the help of iOS app based on Unity having augmented reality and also with your voice (made with XCode). You also can perform various tasks such as add timer for toggling appliances, setup your schedule so that AC can synchronize with your activities and much more.

Github URL -

Project - 2

Team Name - Eniacs-Coders

Project Name - Chat Application

Project Description - This is a Chatting Application made on java netbeans platform which support one to one and group chatting.

Github URL -

Project - 3

Team Name - Brogrammers

Project Name - RailApp

Project Description - This android application has following features.

A penalty calculator which helps the passenger to know how much he exactly needs to pay as a fine.

A live train status facility to help the passenger to spot the train.

And remaining features like seat availability ,PNR Status, Train Info,Train between stations.

Application is based on Android.


Github URL -

Project - 4

Team Name - TLE

Project Name - MNNITians PORTAL

Project Description - This website has following features: Divided into 2 sections- ACADEMIC and SOFTWARE. ACADEMIC: users can upload notes,assignments and question papers. SOFTWARE: made shell files to make it linux users to install essential softwares.

Github URL -

Project - 5

Team Name - Did it all for cookies!!

Project Name - EasyQ

Project Description - EasyQ will offer a platform to people to sit where ever they are and not stand in tiresome lines/queues and wait for their turn to come in hospitals, dispensaries, canteens, banks, restaurants etc etc where all you need tokens to wait. EasyQ will help you issue a token online so you don't have to be physically present before you actually need to and will ease the life of both the customer and the person on the other side of the table as it will not only help the person standing in the line but also the dealer as there will be less chaos in the institution.

Github URL -

Project - 6

Team Name - DevEngers

Project Name - BunkManager

Project Description - This is an online voting app for class bunk. On basis of vote poll notification will be sent to users for bunk.It also has anonymous group chatroom and an attendance tracker.Peas!

Github URL -

Project - 7

Team Name - Codias

Project Name - Dodge

Project Descripion - This is a game in which the player has to dodge the hurdles and collect stars to make the high score! This game is made using pygame library of python.

Github URL -

Project - 8

Team Name - Trojan Horses

Project Name - Travel Companion app

Project Description - This is a web app which can be used to find travel companions when going by train or to find people going to watch same movie. This website runs on python server.

Github URL -

Project - 9

Team Name - DreamHack

Project Name - Flappy Bird Q-learning

Project Description - This a a game bot made for FlappyBird. It learns to play this game by itself by a algo called Q-learning.

Github URL -

Project - 10

Team Name - Legion

Project Name - MNNIT Attendence Management System

Project Description - This is a website that is dedicated to the professors and the students of our college. It allows the professors to Log in and take attendance of students directly via their Laptops or Mobile devices. It also allows the students to be able to check their attendence percntege by logging in.

Github URL -

Project - 11

Team Name - Proxy_nahi_lagi

Project Name - Android Application named RAKTh JEEVAn

Project Description - Under this project we have created an android application in which the person in need of blood under any circumstance will be able to contact people/hospitals for help. The quick access to help is the key feature here. On a click of button your contacts will be alerted and then you don't have to take the stress in contacting them in such critical situation. Just one click and 1000+ contacts will be informed which blood group you want along with giving you location of near-by hospitals.

Github URL -

Project - 12



Project Description - We have created a software system that will allow the users to manage a hostel and do stuff like file/manage complains, room allotment and post/view notices.

Github URL -