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@@ -2,11 +2,13 @@
This code controls a series of GE Color-effects lights.
It uses Digital pins 0-7 for output.
A player is included in the examples, which will read specially formatted data files
- from an SD card and display them on the lightwall.
+ from an SD card and display them on the lightwall. See the README in
+ examples/lightwallplayer3/ for more details.
Written by Chris Cooper (, @CC_DKP)
Derived from the reference implementation by Mark Kruse
- Based on the research by Robert "Darco" Quattlebaum (
+ Based on the research by Robert "Darco" Quattlebaum
+ (
Designed for the QC Co-Lab Hackerspace
@@ -31,3 +33,14 @@
* Install the Fat16 library from
* Done!
+= Additional Resources =
+Here are some related projects which you may find useful:
+8cic-encode - Mark Riedesel -
+Generates type 0 animation files for the lightwall player from animated GIF's or PNG globs.
+LightWallEditor - Mark Kruse -
+A Visual Basic program to edit and create animation files for the lightwall player.
@@ -70,8 +70,12 @@ class LightWall {
// to reprogram the arduino.
+ // Each string can have a maximum of 63 bulbs. One string may span multiple rows.
+ // lightsPerRow sets the logical breaking point. See address_lights() for more information.
void begin(uint8_t lightsPerString, uint8_t lightsPerRow);
void fadeout(uint16_t time);// fade to black over time (in ms) (leaves intesity at 0)
void fadein(uint16_t time);// fade in to default intensitiy over time (in ms)
void fadein(uint16_t time, uint8_t intensity);// fade in to newIntensity over time (in ms)

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