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CCExtractor 0.88

@cfsmp3 cfsmp3 released this
· 265 commits to master since this release
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0.88 (2019-05-21)

  • New: More tapping points for debug image in ccextractor.
  • New: Add support for tesseract 4.0
  • Optimize: Remove multiple RGB to grey conversion in OCR.
  • Fix: Update UTF8Proc to 2.2.0
  • Fix: Update LibPNG to 1.6.35
  • Fix: Update Protobuf-c to 1.3.1
  • Fix: Warn instead of fatal when a 0xFF marker is missing
  • Fix: Segfault in general_loop.c due to null pointer dereference (case of no encoder)
  • Fix: Enable printing hdtv stats to console.
  • Fix: Many typos in comments and output messages
  • Fix: Ignore Visual Studio temporary project files
  • New: Add support for non-Latin characters in stdout
  • Fix: Check whether stream is empty
  • New: Add support for EIA-608 inside .mkv
  • New: Add support for DVB inside .mkv
  • Fix: Added -latrusmap Map Latin symbols to Cyrillic ones in special cases
    of Russian Teletext files (issue #1086)
  • Fix: Several OCR crashes