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CCExtractor 0.89

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@cfsmp3 cfsmp3 released this 13 Jun 19:20
· 134 commits to master since this release

0.89 (2021-06-13)

  • Fix: Fix broken links in README.
  • Fix: Timing in DVB, sub duration check for timeout.
  • New: Added support for SCC and CCD encoder formats.
  • New: Added support to output captions to MCC file (#733).
  • New: Add support for censoring words ("Kid Friendly") (#1139)
  • New: Extend support of capitalization for all BITMAP and 608 subtitles (#1214).
  • New: Added an option to disable timestamps for WebVTT (In response to issue #1127).
  • Fix: Change inet_ntop to inet_ntoa for Windows XP compatibility.
  • Fix: Added italics, underline, and color rendering support for -out=spupng with EIA608/teletext.
  • Fix: ccx_demuxer_mxf.c: Parse framerate from MXF captions to fix caption timings.
  • Fix: hardsubx_decoder.c: Fix memory leaks using Leptonica API.
  • Fix: linux/ added some sources to enable rpms to be created.
  • Fix: Crash when using -sc (sentence case) option (#1115).
  • Fix: Segmentation fault on VOB #1128.
  • Fix: Hang while processing video #1121.
  • Fix: lib_ccx.c: Initialize fatal error logging function before first usage in init_libraries.
  • Fix: A few (minor) memory leaks around the code.
  • Fix: General code clean up / reformatting.
  • Fix: Fix multiple definitions with new -fno-common default in GCC 10.
  • Fix: Mac now builds reproducibly again without errors on the date command (#1230).
  • Fix: Allow all oem modes with tesseract v4 (#1264).
  • Doc: Updated ccextractor.cnf.sample.
  • Update: Updated LibPNG to 1.6.37.
  • Remove: Python API (since no one cares about it and it's unmaintained).
  • Remove: -cf , just use FFmpeg if you want a ES from a TS or PS, CCExtractor is a bad tool for this.
  • Fix: Segmentation fault on Windows.
  • Update: Updated libGPAC to 1.0.1.
  • Fix: Segmentation fault with unsupported and multitrack file reports.
  • Fix: Write subtitle header to multitrack outputs.
  • Fix: Write multitrack files to the output file directory.
  • Fix: Correct frame number calculation in SCC (#1340).
  • Fix: Regression on Teletext that caused dates to be wrong (RT 78 on the sample platform).
  • Fix: CEA-708: Better timing, fixes for missing subtitles.
  • Fix: timing for direct rollup.
  • Fix: timing for VOB files with multiple chapters.