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A testing tool to keep CCExtractor consistent over coding changes. Developed during GSoC 2014
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CCExtractor test suite

This tool was developed during GSoC 2014 by Willem Van Iseghem.

the CCExtractor test suite is a testing tool to keep CCExtractor consistent over coding changes. Originally this was (and sometimes still is) achieved by running a set of sample video's on a certain CCExtractor version (or GitHub commit) and comparing the generated output to previous stored output (which is known to be correct).

The test suite automates this work by loading a file which defines entries that contain a input sample, a list of commands for CCExtractor and a correct output result to compare against. The results are either stored in a report, or can be (starting from 0.8) sent towards a server.

It's written in C# and runs under Mono. It is (starting from 0.8) command-line only.

Parameter overview

Short Long Description Required
-e --entries A XML file containing the test entries Yes
-m --method How should the test suite behave for reporting? options: Report (default), Server, Matrix No
-u --url If the method is Server, this should point to the url where the suite should send requests to No
-c --config A XML file that contains the configuration No
-d --debug Enable debugging (extra output) No
-t --tempfolder Uses the provided location as a temp folder to store the results in No
-b --breakonchanges Break if a change in output (between generated output and correct output) is detected No
--tcp Sets the TCP port that will be used in case of entries that need TCP No
--udp Sets the UDP port that will be used in case of entries that need UDP No
--executable Overrrides the CCExtractor executable path No
--ffmpeg Overrrides the FFMpeg executable path No
--reportfolder Overrides the folder location where reports will be stored No
--samplefolder Overrides the folder location that contains the samples No
--resultfolder Overrides the folder location that contains the correct results No
--comparer Overrides the type of comparer that will be used No
--timeout Overrides the timeout value (default 180 seconds). This indicates how long a single test entry may take to complete. Minimum duration is 60 seconds. No
--help Shows this screen No

Usage examples

Generate a matrix report

CCExtractortester.exe -m Matrix -e C:\Samples\

Run tests for the first generation

CCExtractortester.exe -e C:\Samples\SimpleTestFile.xml

Run tests for the second generation

CCExtractortester.exe -e C:\Samples\MultiTest.xml

Run tests for the third generation with local reports

CCExtractortester.exe -e C:\Samples\Tests.xml

Run tests for the third generation with server reports

CCExtractortester.exe -m Server -u http://my.server/report.php -e C:\Samples\Tests.xml

Installation; Software pre-requisites

Windows specific

  • .NET 4.0 framework or higher

Linux specific

  • Mono 2.10 or newer (A tutorial can be found here)


  • CommandLineParser NuGet package (GitHub, nuget)
  • CCExtractor in some compiled form
  • A set of sample files, together with correct outputs


See the changelog for version information


The test suite is released under the MIT License. The license can be found here.


If you want to help this project forward, or have a solution for some of the issues or bugs, don't hesitate to help! You can fork the project, create a branch for the issue/problem/... and afterwards create a pull request for it.

It will be reviewed as soon as possible.

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