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Detailed Design

This chapter provides the CCI Toolbox detailed design documentation. Its is generated from the docstrings that are extensively used throughout the Python code.

The documentation is generated for individual modules. Note that this modularisation reflects the effective, internal (and physical) structure of the Python code. This is not the official API, which comprises a relatively stable subset of the components, types, interfaces, and variables describes here and is described in chapter :doc:`api_reference`.

Each top level module documentation in the following sections provides a sub-section Description that provides the module's purpose, contents, and possibly its usage. Module descriptions may link into :doc:`op_specs` for further explanation and traceability of the detailed design. An optional sub-section Technical Requirements provides a mapping from URD requirements to technical requirements and software features that drove the design of a module. If available, links to verifying unit-tests are given in sub-sections called Verification. The sub-section Components lists all documented, non-private components of a module, including variables, functions, and classes.

Module cate.core.ds

.. automodule:: cate.core.ds

Module cate.core.op

.. automodule:: cate.core.op

Module cate.core.workflow

.. automodule:: cate.core.workflow

Module cate.core.plugin

.. automodule:: cate.core.plugin

Module cate.conf

.. automodule:: cate.conf

Module cate.ds

.. automodule:: cate.ds

Module cate.ops

.. automodule:: cate.ops

Module cate.cli.main

.. automodule:: cate.cli.main

Module cate.webapi

.. automodule:: cate.webapi.main

Module cate.util

.. automodule:: cate.util

Module cate.util.cache

.. automodule:: cate.util.cache

Module cate.util.cli

.. automodule:: cate.util.cli


.. automodule::

Module cate.util.web

.. automodule:: cate.util.web