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CCSI Toolset

The Carbon Capture Simulation Initiative (CCSI) Toolset is a suite of computational models for carbon capture equipment and design processes.

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  1. FOQUS Public

    FOQUS: Framework for Optimization and Quantification of Uncertainty and Surrogates

    Python 29 38

  2. A suite of process models implemented in both Aspen Custom Modeler and gPROMS Model Builder, as well as models implemented within Aspen Plus and Aspen Plus Dynamics.

    Makefile 10 3

  3. High fidelity device scale Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) models

    Makefile 4

  4. The Oxy-Combustion Models package consists of two primary components: A detailed boiler model and a suite of equation-based models of the other components of a complete oxycombustion power generati…

    Makefile 2

  5. Unified framework in MATLAB for application and testing of advanced control algorithms towards efficient process operation and control

    MATLAB 3 1

  6. Automated reduced order model generation for improved computational time

    Java 1 3


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