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Using VCDAT on your machine or a local network

Follow the instructions on the Deploy page.


Log onto Cori.

Create a file named .override-jupyter in your HOME directory.

In this file simply add this:

exec shifter --volume=$(pwd):/run --volume=$(pwd):/home/jovyan --image=cdoutrix/vcdat:rgma -- jupyter-labhub "$@"

Make the file executable:

chmod +x .override-jupyter

Now go to:

Login, select Cori and you are all setup.

Using VCDAT on ACME1

Log into acme1 via:

ssh -L

Point your browser to: http://localhost:8888 The first time you go to the localhost:8888 address, you will need to sign in using the same username and password you used to log on to acme1.

If the browser seems to hang or nothing happens you can try one of the following:

  1. refresh the browser a few times until you see some activity (i.e. the Jupyter "loading" image displays) OR
  2. go to http://localhost:8888/hub/home and select "My Server"

NOTE: Google Chrome is the preferred browser.

Once Connected

Once you have connected and you see something when you go to http://localhost:8888 in your browser, JupyterLab has loaded and you are now ready to make use of VCDAT. Please see the User Interface and Access Data pages for next steps and more information.

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