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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. How do I change the colormap?

To see all the available colormaps, such as "rainbow" or "AMIP", type the following into a cell in a Jupyter notebook within the JupyterLab interface.


To change the colormap on your active canvas (the active image) type the following into a cell, then click on the "plot" button to replot the image/canvas.


Any command you've used when running a CDAT tool (like VCS) in a command line window can be used in Jupyter VCDAT. Just enter that command (like canvas.setcolormap("rainbow"))into a cell in a Jupyter Notebook within the VCDAT interface and press shift-enter to run that command.

Q2. Can I link to data that is not in the directory structure from which I launched JupyterLab?

If you want to access data outside of your top directory, you can create a symbolic link to the data. Details are described in the middle of the Using Your Own Data section of the Access Data wiki page.

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