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Getting Started

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The JupyterLab file browser allows you to double click on a file to open it. Unfortunately this means loading the whole file into the browser. For netCDF files this is not practical (these files can be several Gb), so we kill the transfer to prevent the file from loading. Unfortunately this brings up the following error message. You can safely ignore the error message and move on. The creators of Jupyterlab are aware of the problem and are implementing a solution for big files.

File Loading Message In VCDAT

To get familiar with JupyterLab please watch this video.

The following steps will help you to get started using VCDAT:

  1. First connect to the instance of JupyterLab running VCDAT 2.0 by following these instructions
  2. Get familiar with the user interface
  3. Access some data by viewing this wiki page and/or running this Getting Started Jupyter Notebook
  4. Load variables from the data
  5. Plot the variables
  6. Peruse some advanced features or our FAQ page