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The vCDAT team is pleased to announce the release of vCDAT version 1.0!

New to vCDAT? Check out the Documentation.

vCDAT is a desktop application that provides the graphical frontend for the CDAT package. It uses CDAT's VCS and CDMS modules to render high quality visualizations within a browser.

vCDAT is distributed via anaconda:

conda create -n vcdat -c cdat -c conda-forge vcdat

Major 1.0 Updates Include:

Export features

  • You can now export and import custom colormaps that are created in the colormap editor
  • Plots can be exported as PNG's, PDF's and SVG's

Help tutorials

Guided tours that point out some of the main features in vCDAT


New variables can be derived from existing data using the built in calculator tool


  • Improved UI
  • Added average and std on an axis for plots

More stability

Important bug fixes

Improved documentation