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NOTE: When you click on the link above and accept the EULA, MicrobeTrace will be automatically installed on your PC.

MicrobeTrace is a web-browser based application that renders existing data from high-risk contact networks. The network visualization can be customized according to supplemental data sources and mathematical inferences like the most probable transmission pathways. MicrobeTrace is a highly responsive, visual sequence analytics tool which can reduce the gap between data production and analytics and help you to discover, understand, and display relationships between patients (nodes). MicrobeTrace can be deployed on laptops to locations without any Internet access, thereby reducing both the startup cost and analysis time and effort.

Ready to explore MicrobeTrace?

Follow this link,

or read through the rest of the page for training resources before you try the tool.

If you'd rather just reach us to ask questions or would like a live demonstration of the tool, email us at :

Download and read the user manuals below- now available in multiple languages!!




If you prefer watching a demo, click below for the training webinar

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2D Network Read 🗎 Watch ▶️
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