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Codebase for the collaboration of Dryad and Dash data publication and curation services.
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Dryad is the UC Curation Center's implementation of the Stash application framework for research data publication and preservation, based on the DataCite Metadata Schema and the University of California’s Merritt repository service.



See Dryad Installation for installation notes.

Quick Cheat Sheet

Development environment setup

At the same level as the dashv2 directory:

  • Clone the Stash repository (public):

    git clone
  • Clone the dryad-config repository (private to CDL developers):

    git clone
  • Symlink configuration files from dryad-config into the dryad config directory:


Running integration/feature tests locally

In the dryad directory:

  • run
  • run bundle exec rake

Capistrano deployment

To deploy the latest (committed) code from GitHub:

bundle exec cap <environment> deploy [BRANCH="<branch-or-tag-name>"]

The $BRANCH environment variable is optional; if it’s omitted, the deploy script will prompt you.

Miscellaneous tasks

  • The rake app_data:clear task will clear most database and SOLR data. It can be useful to run before testing data import and transformation from our previous version of the app. It will not erase data in the production environment or until it gets confirmation that you really want to erase the data.

    bundle exec rake app_data:clear RAILS_ENV=<rails-environment>
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