Institution Profile Customization

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Users with an "Institutional Administrator" role can edit the institutional profile. Modifications can be made to the following:

Institution Information

From the navigation bar, select Institutional Profile. The following fields can be modified on the "Institutional Information" tab. After you have made any changes, click Save Changes (button at the bottom of the screen).

Institution Information

  • Institution full name: This text will appear in the center of the institutional branding ribbon at the top of the DMPTool.
  • Institution short name: This may be an abbreviation for your institution or organization.
  • Institution URL and the Link text: Enter a URL for an institution-specific website with DMP help). The institutional URL will appear to the right of the institution name.
  • Administrator contact: name and email address for a contact person or group. This contact information will appear in upper the right-side of the institutional branding ribbon, to the right of the Institution full name. Please note that correspondence from the "Contact Us" link will be sent to - we will forward requests to institutional admins when appropriate.
    • Descriptive text: This will not appear anywhere in the DMPTool. It can be used for internal notes and information.
  • Logo Upload an institutional logo. Logos can be in .jpeg, .png, .jpg, or .gif format and should be approximately 170 by 60, but will be resized on upload.
    • Select a file by clicking "Choose File".
    • Browse for the file on your local system.
    • Click Upload. The logo will appear to the left of the Institution's full name for all users logged in from your institution.
  • Request for Feedback - Automated Email: The email message that users receive when they submit a plan for feedback (if an admin chooses to enable formal or informal Review for a template). The subject and message can be customized. If nothing is input into these fields, users will receive the default email message displayed in gray text.

Institutional Resources

Institutional-Level resources are resources (i.e., links or guidance) that display on EVERY template and on EVERY question for users logged in from your institution. Examples of resources you might want to make institution-level are institutional websites with help for creating DMPs.

Institution Resources

  • Create a new institution-level resource
    • Click Create New Resource
    • Select the resource type (Guidance or Link)
    • Enter a label for the resource
    • Enter either a URL (for the link) or text to display (for the guidance)
    • Click Save Changes

Add Institution-Level Resource

  • Edit the label, URL or text of the resource
    • In the "Action" column of the list of Resources, click the notepad icon.
    • Edit the label, URL, or text as needed
    • Click Save Changes

Edit Institution-Level Resource

  • Remove an Institutional Resource
    • In the "Action" column of the list of Resources, click the broken chain icon.

See the Resources Chart for more help on where different resources appear within the DMPTool.

Institution Hierarchy (disabled)

This functionality has been temporarily disabled. Read more.

The DMPTool has the flexibility for institutions to define hierarchies within their "parent" institution. These "sub-institutions" may be any distinct group within the parent institution. Examples include disciplines, departments, lab groups, or schools.

To add a sub-institution:

  • Select the Institution Hierarchy tab on the "Institution Profile" page
  • Click Add New Institution
  • Fill out the (sub)Institution Profile as described in the section Institution Information page

Add or Edit User Roles

Under Institutional Profile select the Assign Roles tab.

Add-Edit User Roles

Add new users

Note: Before assigning roles, the user must have a DMPTool account. All active users affiliated with your institution will appear in the list.

Edit existing user roles

  1. In the search box, type the user's first and/or last name.
  2. For the desired user, click the notepad icon under "Edit User Role".
  3. Check boxes to grant a role, or uncheck boxes to remove a role. Unchecking all boxes removes all administrator privileges for the user, but they are still able to use the DMPTool as a plan creator.
  4. Click Save Changes.


To learn more on the specific roles see DMPTool Administrator Roles.