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Usage information for your organization is available in two areas of the Admin features menus: "Usage" and "Plans."

Usage dashboard

Select "Usage" from the Admin features dropdown menu. Use the filters to generate organizational usage statistics for a custom date range. The graphs display new users and plans for your organization over the past year. You can download a CSV report for each graph.

Future enhancements include adding statistics for plans created per template and providing comprehensive CSV reports of all organizational usage. We are open to any suggestions about what information is useful to you so please suggest additional enhancements via GitHub Issues.

Usage statistics

Download plans

Select "Plans from the Admin features dropdown menu. You will see a list of all plans created by users affiliated with your organization. Click the "Download plans" button in the upper right to generate a CSV; the report contains the same basic project details for all plans as listed in the table.

Please note that you will only be able to open and view the contents of plans that have been submitted for feedback. Submitted plans will appear in the Notifications panel at the top of the page; you can read and add comments to these plans. Plans created by users from your organization that are set to public visibility will appear in the main Public plans list. Those set to organizational visibility will appear in the Organizational plans table on My dashboard, where you can download a PDF.

Download plans

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