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  • What kind of content can be put in Merritt?
    Content from all disciplines (sciences, humanities, social sciences) can be deposited in Merritt, including images, videos, datasets, texts, and more.
  • Who can use Merritt?
    Merritt is available to the UC community.
  • What are the ways to use Merritt?
    Merritt is available in two ways:
    • via an API (machine to machine programming interface)
    • a user interface
      Either method provides access to all of Merritt's functions.
  • What does it cost to use Merritt?
    The UC Curation Center provides digital library services to the University of California. UC departments and organizations are charged only for the storage used.
  • Who provides support for Merritt?
    Merritt was developed and is supported by the UC Curation Center (UC3).
  • What is the UC Curation Center?
    UC3 is a creative partnership bringing together the expertise and resources of the California Digital Library (CDL), the ten UC campuses, and the broader international curation community. See
  • What is the technical infrastructure behind Merritt?
    The Merritt infrastructure, based on the micro-services concept, was developed by UC3 in consultation with the UC libraries and the international curation community. The infrastructure enables enhanced responsiveness to the ever increasing number, size, and diversity of content, partners, and stakeholder expectations, while simultaneously accommodating an ever changing technical environment. See for more information.
  • Why is it called Merritt?
    Merritt refers to Lake Merritt, near the CDL offices in Oakland. Among other noteworthy attributes, Lake Merritt was the first official wildlife refuge in the United States, and is also a National Historic Landmark.
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