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Create an image as 480x800 24bit RGB.
In gimp save as "C Header"
Edit makelogo.cpp to include this file
g++ -o makelogo makelogo.cpp
./makelogo > mybootlogo
cat start_logo.h > my_logo_rgb24_wvga_portrait.h
cat mybootlogo >> my_logo_rgb24_wvga_portrait.h
cat end_logo.h >> my_logo_rgb24_wvga_portrait.h
cp my_logo_rgb24_wvga_portrait.h ../Kernel/drivers/video/samsung/logo_rgb24_wvga_portrait.h
Compile your kernel as usual.
look at end_logo.h if you plan on replacing the charge image.
I never got to just doing it all at once, that would be on my todo list.