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The aim of this project is to build the Samsung Toolchain used in Samsung's Bada SDK under Linux
/!\ WARNING /!\
This is not an official Samsung project, we cannot guarantee any functionality, whatever you try is at your own risk.
Especially, we are not responsible for any bricked devices, your wife leaving you because of endless nights of compilation or the end of world.
This script is HEAVILY WIP (means: work in progress). So do not expect anything short of a miracle!
/!\ WARNING /!\
1. Prerequisites
2. Installation
3. Contact
1. Prerequisites
You will need the sources for the toolchain. Samsung offers them on their opensource page. Check:
and download the latest version to some folder. After download is complete, you will need to extract the contents.
Within the contents should be a folder named "samsung-sourceryg++-4.4-157-arm-samsung-nucleuseabi". It contains more zipped archives. Unzip all of them and copy the script to this folder, since it will need the unpacked source directories for building.
Also, the script might need root, so its advised to add the user to the sudoers file.
In some cases, /bin/sh does not link to BASH but some other shell, please ensure that you are using BASH within this script
Additional development tools needed:
flex, bison, automake, autoconf, make, gnu toolchains, libtool, texinfo
2. Installation
Installation will be mostly automated by the script. See the comments at the beginning for usage and configuration.
If you want to watch the process as well as log the outputs to a file, you could do:
./ 2>&1 | tee build_log.txt
or simply multitail on the logfile while its beeing generated.
3. Contact
Feel free to contribute! Help is always appreciated!
Join #bada on and chat with us, pm us on github or leave a message on one of the bada dev forums we participate in =)