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Data Repository for Civil War Washington

About This Data Repository

How to Use This Repository: This repository is intended for use with the CDRH API.

Data Repo:

Source Files: TEI XML

Script Languages: Ruby, JavaScript, PHP

Encoding Schema: Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) Guidelines

About Civil War Washington

Civil War Washington examines the U.S. national capital from multiple perspectives as a case study of social, political, cultural, and medical/scientific transitions provoked or accelerated by the Civil War. The project draws on the methods of many fields — literary studies, history, geography, computer-aided mapping — to create a digital resource that chronicles the war's impact on the city. Troops, fugitive slaves, bureaucrats, prostitutes, actors, authors, doctors, and laborers were among those drawn to the capital by a sense of duty, desperation, or adventure. Drawing on material ranging from census records to literary texts and from forgotten individuals to the famous (such as Abraham Lincoln and Walt Whitman) we examine how Washington changed from a sleepy Southern town to the symbolic center of the Union and nation.

This repository includes TEI/XML-encoded transcriptions and facsimile editions of historical manuscript and print materials chronicling and interpreting the experience of war and life in the District of Columbia during the Civil War.

Project Site:


Copyright Information

Civil War Washington, directed by Susan C. Lawrence, Elizabeth Lorang, Kenneth M. Price, and Kenneth J. Winkle, is published by the Center for Digital Research in the Humanities at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln under a Creative Commons License.

Technical Information

See the Datura documentation for general updating and posting instructions.

Note: The Ruby script which was used to embed information from the original directory structure into the TEI text element has been retained for reference, but should not be run again.

About the Center for Digital Research in the Humanities

The Center for Digital Research in the Humanities (CDRH) is a joint initiative of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries and the College of Arts & Sciences. The Center for Digital Research in the Humanities is a community of researchers collaborating to build digital content and systems in order to generate and express knowledge of the humanities. We mentor emerging voices and advance digital futures for all.

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Center for Digital Research in the Humanities Website:


Data Repository for Civil War Washington







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