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Welcome to the FBP Orbital Wiki


Unit Databases

Aeon Cybrans UEF Seraphim Nomads
In Progress Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon

Other Databases

New Weapons New Techlevels New Upgrades New Abilities
In Progress In Progress In Progress In Progress


Orbital Props
Coming Soon


What is FBP Orbital?

Future Battlefield Pack Orbital (short: FBP Orbital) is an Modification for Supreme Commander Forged Alliance.

What are the Features?

  • An initial new Orbital Tech Tree for all Factions
  • Fully new designed Orbital Units like Spaceships, Starfighters Orbitalstructures and much more.
  • New Orbital Weapons and Abilities
  • Three brand new Techlevels
  • AI Support
  • Compatibility with the three Game Versions: Steam, FAF and LOUD
  • Compatibility with other Unit Mods
  • Some additional Surprises
  • And more

What is the current Status of this Mod?

The Mod itself is still in Development in general.
The main development priority at the moment is to finish the Aeon Orbital Tech Tree.
A full Road Map and other Informations about the Mod Development can be found here:

How can I install this Mod?

Since this mod is still in development, there is no official release version yet.
However you can check out the current Development Stage of this Mod as Early Access.
Just follow the Install Instructions to get the Early Access Version:

Who is the Creator of this Mod?

CDRMV (Marvin Viedt)

Currently I'm the only one, who is working on the mod.
But I'm still open to setting up a development team for the mod in the future.


I'm always open for any kind of Suggestions for new Units or Features for FBP Orbital
Please join the offical Discord Server:
or write them in the Comments Section on Moddb: