A source port of Descent 1 and 2, focused on quality competitive play. Uncompromising commitment to original gameplay (except where the original sucked). Based on the Rebirth project.
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DXX Retro

Latest versions

  • D1X-Retro - 1.4X6
  • D2X-Retro - 1.3a


1.4X6 - 1/16/2018

This experimental release is for D1X-Retro only.

  • Coop
    • Don't respawn robots in coop.
  • Demos
    • Fix rewind bug where rewinding through a frame with multiple damage sources would show damage and energy incorrectly.
  • Mac
    • Switch from XCode to scons for building. Note: message box tech is disabled for now, crashes will only display to the terminal or the log. To see them, run Descent from Terminal using the command ./d1x-retro-1.4.X6.app/Contents/MacOS/d1x-rebirth
  • Observer
    • Don't lock to player 1's view while observing in coop.
    • Observers no longer disconnected when other observers connect or disconnect.
    • Observers no longer see themselves connect as an unpatched client when someone else connects to the game.
    • Observers will now be properly told that they can't observe a game that hasn't yet started.
    • You can now observe players directly in first and third person view. Use Ctrl+1 through Ctrl+8 to observe players 1 through 8. Use Ctrl+9 and Ctrol+0 to cycle back and forth through the connected players and free observing. Use Ctrl+- for first person view and Ctrl+= for third person view.
    • Added the above options to the multiplayer F1 help menu, and streamlined the menu to only display relevent commands.
    • Documented the /noobs command (kick all observers) in the F1 help menu.
    • Shields and shield changes are now visible to observers.

1.4X5 and earlier

  • For changes to 1.4X5 and prior, please see the source.