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Cumulative Arm Fatigue and Biomechanical Arm Analysis

This project includes the impementation of cumulative fatigue model and biomechanical arm analysis. This project consists of C/C++ headers, source codes, and closed-source library to compute shoulder torques and cumulative arm fatigue (three-compartment muscle states). We provide an example project where an upper body joint tracking data ("KinectSkeletonData.dat") is loaded to compute shoulder joint torque and three-compartment muscle states. The results are stored in a data file ("result.dat") and can be further displayed using MATLAB scripts (see folder "Matlab code"). This project is still under development and will be progressively updated. Please send any question or request to Sujin Jang (sujin.steve.jang[at] or Ana Villanueva (villana[at]

Development Environment

  1. Compiler: MS Visual Studio 2013/2015 (C/C++)
  2. OS: MS Windows 8
  3. Matlab R2016b for plotting results


Please cite the following publication when you intend to use it for your research:

[1] Jang, Sujin and Stuerzlinger, Wolfgang and Ambike, Satyajit and Ramani, Karthik, Modeling Cumulative Arm Fatigue in Mid-Air Interaction Based on Perceived Exertion and Kinetics of Arm Motion, In Proceedings of the 2017 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, pages 3328--3339, Denver, Colorado, USA, 2017.


Cumulative Arm Fatigue Model and Biomechanical Upper Limb Analysis



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