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Build & Installation
1. mkdir build
2. cd build
3. cmake ..
4. make
5. sudo make install
CMake Options
The following options may be passed to CMake:
Specify install location prefix.
Specify which type of build. Debug builds will be *much* larger, as
they will contain extra debugging information.
Enable categorized view. Disabled due to reported crash - #1530
Default: OFF
Enable support for playing back MPD HTTP streams via QtMultiMedia or
lib VLC (see below)
Default: ON
Enable usage of libVLC for MPD HTTP stream playback. Bug report 493
( contains
more information.
Default: OFF
Enable usage of internal HTTP server for non-MPD file playback.
Default: ON
Enable support for proxy settings in config dialog. If disabled,
system proxy settings are used.
Default: ON
Enable scrobbling.
Default: ON
Linux specific:
Support external devices (UMS, MTP, AudioCD)
Default: ON
Support remote devices (accessed via sshfs, or samba). This requires
ENABLE_DEVICES_SUPPORT to also be enabled.
Default: ON
Build UDisks2 backend for solid-lite.
Default: ON
Install Yaru icons for Ubuntu.
Default: OFF
For 64 bit builds, this may be used to control the lib sub-dir
where Cantata helper apps will be placed. e.g. setting this to lib64
will cause the helper apps (cantata-tags, cantata-replaygain) to be
install into /usr/lib64/cantata instead of /usr/lib/cantata
Default: <empty (which means /usr/lib will be used) >
Enable support for basic, Cantata controlled, MPD instance.
Default: ON
Enable avahi support (automatic mpd discovery)
Default: ON
Windows specific:
Path where Inno Setpup Compiler should place the catata setup exe.
Default: z:\
SSL libraries
Default: <empty>