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This repository has been archived by the owner on Mar 3, 2022. It is now read-only.

Releases: CDrummond/cantata


02 Mar 19:57
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  1. Update translations.
  2. Limit number of album tracks shown in context view to 500, thanks to ccoors.
  3. Fix Community Radio Browser search.
  4. Remove dirble from radio section, as its no longer active.
  5. Better handling of CUE tracks when MPD is set to list as directory.
  6. Disable CUE parsing in cantata by default, as MPD handles this better now.
  7. Remember, and restore, main window position.
  8. Disable categorized view, as its been reported to crash (#1530)
  9. Remove stream providers, as many broken.
  10. Fix decoding URLs when playing local files via in-built HTTP server.
  11. Remove option to select cover image providers, always use all.
  12. Remove Google and Spotify image search, not working.
  13. Allow smaller images in itemviews.
  14. Fix newlines showing as HTML tags in contextview.
  15. Fix updating now-plying metadata for radio streams that transmit track numbers.
  16. When stopping Cantata controlled MPD instance, wait up to 2 seconds for MPD to gracefully terminate (so config can be saved) before killing process.
  17. Add support for MPD's "Partitions" - implemented by dphoyes. Requires MPD 0.22 or above.
  18. Allow queue to be sorted by path.
  19. Fix some deprecation warnings - thanks to John Regan.
  20. Fix crash when trying to copy songs to MTP device but libMTP has failed to get storage list.
  21. Don't save queue if string entered in dave dialog but cancel button pressed.
  22. Handle case where IceCast list is not GZipped.
  23. Remove SoundCloud support, no longer works due to API changes.
  24. Correctly update play queue time when re-order tracks - thanks to Philip Sequeira.
  25. When searching for lyrics, if fail and artist starts with "The " then try again without "The "
  26. Add "Refresh" action to hover actions for podcasts.
  27. Remove superfluous blank space from the top of the cover tooltip.
  28. Fix looking for cover-art with MPD's new cue track file listing.
  29. Add Grouping tag support to playlists and play queue.
  30. Use QCollator to compare strings.
  31. If using table-style play queue, then only sort one column at a time.
  32. Stop user MPD instance from GUI thread when terminating, to ensure state can be saved.
  33. Don't write empty genres to tags.


19 Sep 21:43
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  1. Correctly handle changing 'Basic' mode music folder.
  2. When stopping 'Basic' mode MPD instance, send SIGKILL.
  3. Correctly set 'storeLyricsInMpdDir' config item, UI was setting wrong config item.
  4. Set minimum Qt5 version to 5.11
  5. Fix destructor of DeviceManagerPrivate to prevent Cantata from potentially crashing when closing.
  6. Correctly set song details 'time', 'year', 'track' and 'disc' for streams from online services.
  7. Don't use for artist image searches, its broken.
  8. Hide BB10 styles (look bad), and gtk2 style (doesn't start) from list of styles in interface settings.
  9. When checking if song exists, check disc number.
  10. Fix getting song details from Cantata stream URLs.
  11. Amend MPRIS interface: fix CanPlay/CanPause/CanSeek status update as well as LoopStatus getter and setter.
  12. When checking if songs are different, compare track and disc numbers too.
  13. Avoid unknown song durations and duplicate updates of MPRIS' song details.
  14. Synchronize update of current song details and status of MPRIS interface, trigger MPRIS status update when connection to MPD has been lost.
  15. Add to list of lyrics providers.
  16. Set default lyrics providers to,, and
  17. Fix enabling of play queue navigation actions 'next' and 'previous'.
  18. Fix bus name of's power management.
  19. Additionally call Inhibit() from org.freedesktop.login1.Manager.
  20. Query Qt whether system tray is available if current desktop environment is not some kind of GNOME (incl. Unity flavored GNOME).
  21. Fix writing 'descr' attribute when saving podcast information to cache dir.
  22. Fix loading cover images with wrong file extension in context view.
  23. Avoid prepending song's file path with MPD's music directory if it is empty, a stream URL or an absolute path.
  24. Ignore current song in selection when moving selected songs within the play queue to play them next.
  25. Also show metadata of the current track in the context view if 'title' or 'artist' are missing, but do not try to fetch information nor lyrics.
  26. Switch from to
  27. Update bitrate settings for encoders used with transcoding jobs.


22 Feb 10:27
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  1. Re-enable custom playqueue background. This is broken for 5.12, but that's a Qt bug.
  2. Look in /usr/lib64/qt5/bin for lrelease
  3. Fix deprecation warnings.
  4. Enable catagorized view by default, might also be a Qt issue?
  5. Remove Encyclopaedia Metallum from lyrics providers, as does not work.


15 Feb 16:58
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  1. Add 'Read offset' setting for AudioCDs.
  2. Show invalid files in playlists using red text.
  3. Add 'Remove Invalid Tracks' to playlist context menu.
  4. Allow OPML URLs in podcast add URL dialog.
  5. Allow to read local RSS/OPML files in podcast search dialog.
  6. Add action to export current podcast subscriptions to OPML file.
  7. Add searching for radio stations on Community Radio Browser.
  8. Show bits in technical info.
  9. Fix saving, and loading, of custom API keys.
  10. Fix saving, and reading back, https:// as MPD music folder.
  11. Fix crash when double-clicking outside of table-view (when this is set to not stretch columns).
  12. Fix greyscale images in notifications.
  13. Re-add option to save lyrics in music folder.
  14. Show Original Year in context view metadata.
  15. Add --fullscreen command-line option to start fullscreen.
  16. For genres listed in "Composer Support" tweak, shown composer instead of artist in context view and toolbar.
  17. When listing albums in context view, if can't find and for artist, try composer.
  18. When downloading podcasts, use whole path for filename.
  19. When subscribing to a podcast, check if there are any downloaded episodes from a previous subscription.
  20. Apply 'Single Tracks' tweak to play queue items.
  21. Parse more fields from CUE files.
  22. Fix image requests when using composers.
  23. Load Various Artist image, if found.
  24. If no lyrics found, create initial file when asked to edit.
  25. Due to changes, use to obtain artist images.
  26. When adding tracks via commandline, only play if queue is currently empty, otherwise just append new tracks.
  27. Support multiple genres in CUE files.
  28. Handle more TuneIn responses that are just stream URLs.
  29. Add 'originaldate,albumartistsort,artistsort,albumsort" to Cantata local mpd config.
  30. Add Finnish translation - thanks to Tommi Nieminen.
  31. Alter behavour of 'previous' button; if played 5 seconds or more, then go to start of track, else go to previous track.
  32. Added Dutch translaiton - thnaks to Heimen Stoffels.
  33. In dynamic/smart playlists, when specify a rating also allow to specify unrated tracks.
  34. When matching wildcard genres, look case-insensitively for smart playlists.
  35. When matching wildcard genres, if no matches found then use a fake dummy genre so that no tracks will match rules.
  36. Add a checkbox controlling whether Cantata should apply its replaygain setting each time it connects to MPD. Issue #1531
  37. Remove 'Show Unplayed Only' podcasts action, reported to cause crash when refreshing lists.
  38. Remove zooming from context view.
  39. When adding a stream to the play queue, encode name using #StreamName:name and not just #name - as MPD 0.22 uses this for #icy-metadata
  40. Categorized view is reported to crash (#1530), so disable by default. Pass -DENABLE_CATEGORIZED_VIEW=ON to cmake to re-enable.
  41. Add 'aac' and 'libfdk_aac' as supported encoders.
  42. Custom playqueue background is not working with Qt 5.12 onwards, so disabled for now. (#1554)
  43. Convert podcast descriptions to plain text, trim whitespace, and limit to 1000 characters.
  44. Show podcast coves in toolbar, queue, and info view.
  45. Show podcast description in info view.
  46. Only show cover in toolbar cover tooltip.


30 Dec 10:48
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  1. For Opus files, use R128_TRACK_GAIN and R128_ALBUM_GAIN to store replaygain values.
  2. Remove user-agent checking when serving local files, this is easily fake-able and breaks playback to forked-daap (and mopidy?)
  3. Add '.opus' to list of recognised extensions for local files.
  4. Initialise network proxy factory when starting.
  5. If artist, album, and title are empty in replaygain dialog, then show filename in title column.
  6. Opus does not use replaygain peak tags, so do not write.
  7. Use same 'album key' for all discs in an album, so that playqueue groups them together, and shuffle by albums keeps them together.
  8. Remove confirmation dialog when saving replaygain tags.
  9. Fix saving 'Descending' order for smart playlists.
  10. When getting 'basic' title of song, also remove any 'prod. XXX', etc. values.
  11. Allow .jpeg as extension from cover dialog.
  12. Fix QMediaPlayer stuck with network streams - thanks to theirix
  13. Always show volume control.
  14. Fix 'Show Current Song Information' (i) toolbar button showing when interface is collpased and resized.
  15. When expand intrface, don't shrink width. Conversely, when collapsing don't expand width.
  16. In grouped style playqueue, only show album duration if there is more than one track from the album.
  17. Don't try to reduce brackets when showing album name and year.
  18. Add option to sort smart playlists by title.
  19. Change toolbar colours if palette changes.
  20. Add another qt5ct palette work-around.
  21. Don't stop library scan just because of failure in 1 directory.
  22. Handle empty VolumeIdentifier in MTP devices.
  23. Add more actions to search page results.
  24. For MPD>=21, use its albumart protocol to fetch covers.
  25. When copying tracks to a device, only update cache if configured to do so.
  26. Fix MusicBrainz disc ID calculation.
  27. When loading URLs via commandline use AppendAndPlay.
  28. MPRIS seeks command specifies an offset from current position.

NOTE There are no windows or mac binaries, as I will no longer be creating these.


02 Aug 18:00
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  1. Store actual song path for local files (mainly affects windows)
  2. When using Track Organizer to rename music tracks, rename any other files that have the same basename as the music file.
  3. Install cantata.png to use as Windows tray icon.
  4. Remove internal Samba share mounting code, this had some privilege escalation issues, and is not well tested.
  5. Use 32-bit unsigned int to store output IDs.
  6. When marking podcast episodes for download, and 'show only unplayed' is checked, then only download unplayed episodes.
  7. Fix smart playlists with a rating range and no song include/exclude rules.
  8. Enable proxy config settings page by default.
  9. Add Brazilian Portuguese translation - thanks to Wanderson Gonçalves Pereira
  10. Fix 'Locate In Library / Album' for albums with musicbrainz ID.
  11. Check HTTP stream URLs are valid URLs, and scheme starts with http.
  12. Due to reports of crashes in libvlc code, default to using QtMultiMedia for HTTP stream playback on Linux builds (already default for Mac/Win).
  13. Use ":/" as root path for windows folder browse, seems to then list each drive.
  14. If a dynamic playlist has rating 0..5 stars, then include all songs (even those without an explicit rating).
  15. Ubuntu icon theme is now named Yaru, so install there.
  16. Don't install Yaru icon by default.


05 Jun 18:30
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  1. Update some translations.
  2. Set Smart rules 'files added in the last days' limit to 10*365
  3. Only sort playlists in folders view, and place these after tracks.
  4. Reduce width of statusbar spacer.
  5. Move scrobling 'love' button into toolbar. Use unfilled heart before loved, and filled when loved.
  6. Better control of playqueue status bar buttons when contracting/expanding.
  7. For windows, when adding local files (served via internal HTTP server) add the real file path as a query item.
  8. Use smaller text for help text in Tweaks section of preferences dialog.
  9. Fix playback of local non-MPD files under Windows.
  10. Stretching albums covers not working under Windows, so just remove option.
  11. Don't enable AA_EnableHighDpiScaling for windows builds, seems to interfere with fractional scaling.
  12. When playing, only poll MPD every 5 seconds.
  13. When updating play seekbar from MPDStatus, only upate if more than 1 second from calculated position.
  14. Slightly reduce height of toolbar.
  15. Add a slight border to context view.
  16. Update suru icon - was a little too small.
  17. Don't attempt to align main menu for Windows < 10, as Qt seems to add some menu animation that just looks weird when menu is moved.
  18. When searching on 'any', do a second search on 'file' and combine results. Looks as if MPD does not search filenames/paths when using 'any.'
  19. Fix UTF8 file saving under Windows.
  20. Fix preference dialog size under windows.
  21. Fix enabling of add/replace play queue actions for Jamendo/Magnatune.
  22. Use JSON to encode song details when adding online tracks.
  23. Don't allow slashes, asterisks, or question marks in collection name.
  24. Don't overwrite genre with file type for Jamendo.
  25. Allow adding Jamendo/Magnatune tracks to stored playlists.
  26. Add "--collection" commandline option to control the initial collection to use.
  27. Fix crash if try to expand dirble and --no-network passed to Cantata.
  28. Modify name of supplied font-awesome font to Cantata-FontAwesome, so as to avoid conflicts with any system installed font.
  29. Remove custom icon theme, and just use FontAwesome.
  30. Show technical info to the left of ratings.
  31. Embed FontAwesome into Cantata.
  32. Remove "New York Times" podcast directory - not available?
  33. Fix loading of FLAC images with older TagLib.
  34. Fix saving of 'Fadeout on stop' duration.
  35. Fix covers settings from wizard not being saved.
  36. Don't report errors when listing playlists, as MPD reports error if user has disabled these.
  37. Add to list of lyrics providers.
  38. Cache lyrics using 'basic' artist name - e.g. X ft. Y => X
  39. When looking for lyrics, remove "ft. X", "featuring X", etc, from song title as well as artist.
  40. Fix adding streams from provider dialog.
  41. Reduce number of confirmation dialogs.
  42. Remove group warning from initial wizard.
  43. Fix saving stream settings.
  44. Fix usage of podcast cover in title widget.
  45. Fix playback of downloaded podcasts.
  46. Simplify whitespace of podcast name and episode names.
  47. Fix saving of podcast images to JPG.
  48. Remove qt5ct work-around.
  49. When saving podcasts, remove queries from filename.
  50. Limit SoundCloud results to 200 matches.
  51. Fix loading of MPD playlists the very first time Cantata is started.
  52. Add file max-age to dynamic playlist rules.


26 Apr 17:16
Choose a tag to compare
  1. Only disable system tray support if org.kde.StatusNotifierWatcher is not registered when running under Gnome.
  2. Add ability to change grid cover size - Ctrl+ / Ctrl-
  3. Avahi support (automatic mpd discovery)
  4. Make serving of files to MPD via HTTP configurable.
  5. If set to only transcode if source is different, or lossless, then only change extension if song is actually transcoded.
  6. Use a combo box for 'Transcode if...' options.
  7. Work-around Windows font issues.
  8. If dynamic playlists helper does not start, show link to wiki page detailing perl dependencies.
  9. Add "Add Local Files" to playqueue context menu.
  10. Add support for Haiku - thanks to miqlas
  11. Remember last loaded/saved playlist name - and use this as the default name when saving.
  12. Fix MPRIS length field.
  13. Add option to show bitrate, sample rate, and format in toolbar.
  14. Add support for forked-DAAP - thanks to Wolfgang Scherer.
  15. Add checkbox to indicate that server auto-updates when files changed. Thanks to Wolfgang Scherer.
  16. Add GUI option to control volume step.
  17. Add command-line options to set debugging and to disable network access.
  18. Reduce memory usage by correctly calculating cost of covers for in-memory cache.
  19. Make it possible to filter on year (or range of years) in library and playqueue search fields.
  20. Add filename and path to table style playqueue and playlist columns.
  21. Adjust library search debounce based upon number of tracks in DB.
  22. Fix potential issue with missing covers when switching collections.
  23. Fix opening Cantata maximized under Windows if the info view is in the sidebar.
  24. Use IO::Socket::IP and not IO::Socket::INET in cantata-dynamic to allow usage with IPv6. Thanks to Peter Marschall
  25. Improve appearance of scrollbar in play queue, and context view, under some styles (e.g. Adwaita-Qt)
  26. Enable remote (sshfs, samba) device support by default for Linux builds.
  27. Improve table style playqueue drop indicator - thanks to padertux.
  28. Don't show year for 'Single Tracks', and ignore any sort and musicbrainz values.
  29. Add missing 'configure' option to podcast menu.
  30. Add link in server settings page to wiki page on github explaining how files are accessed.
  31. Make more actions shortcut assignable.
  32. Adjust horizontal gap between icons in grid view to equal distribute icons over space.
  33. Update copy of ebur128
  34. Install QtMultimedia required dlls for windows.
  35. Re-add option to show menumbar for Linux builds if not run under GNOME.
  36. Work-around Cantata preventing logout under GNOME/KDE if set to minimise to system tray and main window is open.
  37. Make track links in context view work with CUE files.
  38. Support dragging folder of music files onto playqueue.
  39. Add original date to playlist table columns.
  40. Add option to use 'Original Year' to display and sort albums.
  41. Sort folder view items, as MPD does not seem to sort playlist names.
  42. In folder view, allow to add folders and files at the same time.
  43. Support dragging m3u and m3u8 playlists onto playqueue.
  44. Fix reading embedded covers from OGG files.
  45. Add root and home local browse models, allowing to add local files to play queue.
  46. Add volume control for HTTP stream playback.
  47. Update toolbar cover tooltip when song changes.
  48. Fix deleting of smart playlists.
  49. Center images and headers in context view.
  50. Add option to make album cover in context view fill the album details width.
  51. Cleanup some settings. No longer offer to save lyrics, artist images, and backdrops in MPD folder, just save in cache dir. Move cover filename setting into interface settings - in a new 'Covers' tab.
  52. Fetch missing covers from iTunes.
  53. Make sidebar change pages on mouse wheel events.
  54. Allow to specify the max age of files to use in smart playlists.
  55. Use same format for notifications as for now playing widget.
  56. Add 'Categorized' view for albums in library.
  57. Remove actions from desktop file - MPRIS should be used for these.
  58. Set message box icon size to 64px.
  59. Add settings page to configure API keys.
  60. Fix small side-bar when at top, or bottom.
  61. Try to make UI responsive to available width. Hide toolbar and statusbar items in insufficient space. Switch view type when narrow.
  62. For Linux GCC builds, print stack trace on crash.
  63. Add Suru icon for Ubuntu builds.
  64. Be more lenient when parsing times from CUE files.


29 Sep 18:30
Choose a tag to compare
  1. Add option to specify number of play queue tracks for dynamic playlists.
  2. Add option to set application style.
  3. Fix potential issue with priority menu items being disabled.
  4. When adding items with a custom priority, or updating a custom priority, add option to have this priority decrease with each item.
  5. Remove unity menu icon work-around.
  6. To support older GNOME settings daemon installations, if fail to use the new MediaKeys DBUS interface then use the previous.
  7. Fix desktop detection via XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP - check for colon separated values.
  8. If an error is to be shown, ensure Cantata is not minimised to system tray.
  9. If the initial start-up connection fails, try again every .5 second for a few seconds.
  10. In playlists page, internet, etc, allow back navigation to go fully back.
  11. Don't try to seek if no song loaded.
  12. Only use menubar for macOS builds.
  13. Smart playlists - like dynamic, but do not auto update.
  14. Use em-dash to as separator.
  15. Add device option to only transcode if source is FLAC or WAV (detection is solely extension based).
  16. Fix extraction of album names from DB - for use in tag editor and playlist rules dialogs.
  17. Fix some potential security issues - thanks to Jonas Wielicki for the patches.
  18. Only set Qt::AA_EnableHighDpiScaling for Windows builds.
  19. Fix sidebar highlight for windows (at least for Windows 10).
  20. Only enable system tray for Linux if org.kde.StatusNotifierWatcher DBUS service is registered.
  21. Fix MPRIS track path.
  22. Fix MPRIS can go next/previous state changes.
  23. When playing MPD's HTTP output, stop backend when MPD is paused.


30 Jul 19:16
Choose a tag to compare
  1. Re-add all album sorts from Cantata 1.x
  2. Try to detect DLNA streams (e.g. when using upmpdcli), and show as regular
    albums in grouped view.
  3. Add filename / path to list of dynamic rule properties.
  4. Flat current track highlight.
  5. When adding tracks from folders view, only add playlists if these have been
    explicitly selected.
  6. Allow to set keyboard shortcuts for ratings actions. Default to Alt+0 (No
    rating), Alt+1 (1 star), etc.
  7. Re-add genre combo to library view. Only visible if grouping by artist or
  8. When adding a podcast (or other track from an internet service), remove
    any new-lines from metadata.
  9. When configuring streams, clear list of providers before re-populating.
  10. If a 'Basic' mode connection fails, re-start spawned MPD instance (and
    remove any previous pid file).
  11. Fix Jamendo and Magnatune covers.
  12. Fix various issues with 'Personal' MPD instance.
  13. Fix saving, and restoring, of podcast 'played' status.
  14. When adding streams to play queue via add dialog, always allow setting of
  15. Use Pulse Audio for 'Personal' MPD instance.
  16. Always return true for MPRIS CanPlay, CanPause, etc.
  17. Work-around KDE 5.7 MPRIS issues.
  18. If can't load SQLite db, then show error.
  19. Don't show custom actions menu entry if there are no actions.
  20. Fix add/set priority menus.
  21. Match view mono icons to text colour.
  22. Use FontAwesome icons for all action icons.
  23. Send a message at least once every 5 seconds to MPD, to ensure connection
    is still valid.
  24. Fix updating of playlists if these contain duplicates and are modified by
    another client.
  25. Cache up to 4 genres in SQL db.
  26. Fix crash when changinh playqueue view type.
  27. Use same sidebar inactive tab mouse-over for all styles.
  28. Fix colouring issues with some Kvantum styles.
  29. Abort network connections before closing.
  30. When listing albums where composer is used for artist grouping, place
    album artist name after album name if different from composer.
  31. If file has embedded cover, save this to the cache folder - so that this
    file path can be used with MPRIS.
  32. Fix scrobbling when Album is empty.
  33. Fix duration of last track for split CUE files.
  34. Move stream listings to github.
  35. Fix local file playback on remote MPD when MPD's curl is using IPv6.
  36. Install symbolic icon for GNOME shell.
  37. Add sort by track title to playqueue.
  38. Read lyrics from MP4 files.
  39. Only scroll playqueue if current song changed.
  40. Support disc number in CUE files.
  41. Remove Gtk themeing hacks. Qt styles such as Kvantum should be used to
    mimic better Gtk support.
  42. Japanese translation.
  43. Allow single-key shortcuts.
  44. Improve Mopidy support.
  45. Enable support for Opus tags if enabled in TagLib.
  46. URL encode online stream URLs before passing to MPD.
  47. Show podcast descriptions in tooltips.
  48. Parse name field in playlists.
  49. Use 32-bit int for bitrate and samplerate staus values.
  50. Remove Qt4, KDE4, and Ubuntu touch support.
  51. When playing MPD's HTTP output stream, check periodically (for up to 2
    seconds) to confirm backend is playing.
  52. When playing MPD's HTTP output stream, don't stop playback on pause.
  53. Add button on podcasts page to show only unplayed podcasts.
  54. Add min/max duration to dynamic playlist rules.
  55. Use Qt5's translation framework - ts files, not po files.
  56. When trying to read lyrics files; check for .txt extension as well as
    .lyrics. Also check ~/.lyrics/Artist - Track.txt
  57. Add 3 seek levels (5 seconds, 30 seconds, and 60 seconds), with assignable
  58. When adding files to playqueue, and in btaches of up to 2000 files.
  59. Make all of Cantata's internal actions accessible via DBUS. See README for
  60. Add support for OriginalDate tag.
  61. Bundle newer openSSL with macOS builds.
  62. Update copy of libebur128
  63. Use libcdio_cdparanoia
  64. If 'composer genre' is set in tweaks, then use composer to sort artists.
  65. Add 'Sort by track number' to playqueue.
  66. Enable retina support for all builds.
  67. Store replaygain settings in Cantata's config file, as it appears MPD does
    not persist changes.
  68. If HTTP requests are redirected, copy over original headers.
  69. When AudioCD changed, delete its cached downloaded cover.
  70. Fix adding covers to MTP devices when transcoding.