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PYthon Sparse data Analysis Package
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Python Sparse data Analysis Package.

It levarages the iSAP IDL toolbox for sparsity with applications in astrophysics or MRI.

This work is made available by a community of people, amoung which the CEA Neurospin UNATI and CEA CosmoStat laboratories, in particular A. Grigis, J.-L. Starck, P. Ciuciu, and S. Farrens.

Important links


The required dependencies to use the software are:

  • scipy
  • numpy
  • matplotlib
  • future
  • astropy
  • nibabel
  • pyqtgraph
  • progressbar2
  • modopt

This package will generate the pysparse ISAP binding module.


Make sure you have installed all the dependencies listed above properly. Further instructions are available at

Mac OS

Help with installation on Mac OS is available here.


Please refer to the PyQtGraph homepage for issues regarding the installation of pyqtgraph.

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