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N2D2 is a open source CAD framework for Deep Neural Network simulation and full DNN-based applications building.
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Docs Linux CPU
≥ GCC 4.4.7
Linux GPU
≥ CUDA 6.5 + CuDNN 1.0
Windows CPU
≥ Visual Studio 2015.2
Windows GPU
≥ CUDA 8.0 + CuDNN 5.1
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N2D2 (for 'Neural Network Design & Deployment') is a open source CAD framework for Deep Neural Network (DNN) simulation and full DNN-based applications building. It is developped by the CEA LIST along with industrial and academic partners and is open to community contributors. The only mandatory dependencies for N2D2 are OpenCV (≥ 2.0.0) and Gnuplot. The NVIDIA CUDA and CuDNN libraries are required to enable GPU-acceleration.

If you did like to contribute to N2D2, please make sure to review the contribution guidelines.


To compile and use N2D2, please refer to the manual, which contains the following resources:

  • General presentation of the framework;
  • How to compile N2D2 and perform simulations;
  • How to write neural network models;
  • Tutorials.

The PDF manual will soon be superseded by the online documentation. In particular, the N2D2 Python API documentation will only be available here.

The N2D2 executables and application examples are located in the exec directory.

Obtain N2D2 with Docker: docker pull cealist/n2d2


N2D2 is released under the CeCILL-C license, a free software license adapted to both international and French legal matters that is fully compatible with the FSF's GNU/LGPL license.

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