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🦆 Malduck is your ducky companion in malware analysis journeys
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Try to provide much faster procmem/procmempe objects using bytearray internally

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🦆 Malduck

Malduck is your ducky companion in malware analysis journeys. It is mostly based on Roach project, which derives many concepts from mlib library created by Maciej Kotowicz. The purpose of fork was to make Roach independent from Cuckoo Sandbox project, but still supporting its internal procmem format.

Malduck provides many improvements resulting from codebase, making scripts written for malware analysis purposes much shorter and more powerful.


  • Support for (non)memory-mapped PE images without header fix-up.
  • Searching for wildcarded byte sequences
  • Support for x64 disassembly
  • Fixed-precision integer types
  • Supported both Python 2.x and 3.x
  • Many improvements in ProcessMemory


Installing may be performed by running

pip install malduck

Usage documentation can be found here:

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