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With the Blockchain Ensured Certificates Service, CERTIVATION offers educational institutions an independent platform to issue and manage forgery-proof certificates. The platform enables graduates not only to prove the authenticity of their data at any time without official certification, but also to share certificates directly. t the same time,…
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BEC-API Source code

This repository contains a fragment of backend source of Blockchain Ensured Certificate application, which validate the given hash-value of the ensured certificate against value stored in the Ethereum public blockchain.

API Documentation

Validate the given hash-value found in CERTIVATION-issued certificate

URL : /api/certificate-validator/{hash}

URL Parameters : hash=[string] where hash is the hash-value printed in the downloaded CERTIVATION-issued certificate or shown in the BEC service.

Method : GET

Auth required : NO

Data : {}

Notice: the relevant logic can be found in src/Rosen.BEC.API/Controllers/CertificateValidatorController.cs and src/Rosen.BEC.API/AppService/CertificateService.cs

Success Responses

Condition : If and only if the certificate in the database contains the given hash-value and the hash-value is the same as the hash-value fetched in the Ethereum public blockchain.

Code : 200 OK

Error Responses

Condition : If no certificate in the database contains the given hash-value or the hash-value cannot be fetched from the Ethereum public blockchain or the given hash-value is differenet from the one fetched from the Ethereum public blockchain.

Code : 404 NOT FOUND


The fragment of code is not runnable at the moment, we plan to publish the full implementation of this repository in a near future.

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