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NEMEA Detectors

Detection modules of the NEMEA system provide mechanisms for automatic detection of malicious network traffic. This repository contains modules with the following detection capabilities:

  • amplification_detection: universal detector of DNS/NTP/... amplification attacks
  • blacklistfilter: module that checks whether observed IP addresses are listed in any of given public-available blacklists
  • hoststatsnemea: universal detection module based on computation of statistics about hosts, it can detect some types of DoS, DDoS, scanning
  • sip_bf_detector: detector of brute-force attacks attempting to breach passwords of users on SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) devices
  • tunnel_detection: detector of communication tunnels over DNS (e.g. using iodine or tcp2dns)
  • voip_fraud_detection: detector of guessing dial scheme of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
  • vportscan_detector: detector of vertical scans based on TCP SYN